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I once had a friend in Hawaii named Waleka (Hawaiian equivelent of "Walter")

He'd always greet using "Mahalo", so I had asumed it was a greeting. Just taking a guess, the first time I replied "Hello Wally!", he was pleased that I knew what his name ment (as in the short form of the English interpretation of the name)

hey howsit! what the kind?
what are the passwords for the password guessing game?
this den is hooooooot

ISP in Hawaii???
Dan Zen is god!!! god doesn't have to work... or does it/he/she/everything???!!
Dan Zen works?!?!?!?!

How on earth does that happen?

That's the plan!


Hey Nico,

I was using this Den to communicate with Work People when I was on vacation.

You guys can start secret Den's and overthrow governments.


Does anyone know the lyrics to that song from the Lion King?

It starts out: I've got a love-ely bunch of coconuts... (Dee-dle dee-dee) There they are standing in a row... (Bum bum bum) Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!!!...

The bird guy started complaining after that, so I never got to hear the whole song.


huh? I'm lost and bewildered. Could one of you kind Bhodisatvas explain this den to me?
-nico blue
Wide Spread Panic has a cool tune 'bout Coconuts and women suntanning in some tropical paridise....but it's all some kind of strange metaphore, and happens in the narrator's head.
Show me them , please!!!!
Do you wanna see my pineapples and/or coconuts?
Do I see pineapples? or coconuts?
Kamanawannalaya, guess what that means?

reminds me of the time my husband and I recieved a call from my daughter.when she lived in that damed state for two years. Dad! guess what? I just got married.. He hung up on her after he told her she was an idiot. then said to me he must be having a bad dream. Well the marriage was annulled 4 years later. Great vacation place

Where's my suntan lotion? And can someone pass me my Margarita!
it's poi

Mahalo means thank you and aloha means hello and goodbye
"wiki wiki" means quickly
sip on yo mai-tai! wear a lions and an elephants' skin!(imported)
What are some good(interesting concepts) hawaiian words we can incorporate into our vocabulary?

Would you pass the poy?
In Florida, huh, what's the weather like there now?
hello!its nice to meet from florida. goodby for now...............................
We are off into the Jungle on our last day here. If we don't return then we'll see you in 15 years dressed in loin cloths and hippy hair.

Maybe there will be a POG stand on the trail.


Hi Neil,

There needs to be a new Mouth Off question ASAP - it is Monday! I think you know where the question file is. I left a note or information with Joan and John too. If any of the others get this message can you talk to Neil about it. Thanks.


We are doing the Hula!

Neil, go ahead and take that machine. There is a folder called Java Stuff or something like that that I need. It belongs to the Witch in the Tree.

Pepe, yes, what a mystery. I'll leave it to the Inspector to figure.

Well, I had pineapple peanut butter pizza the other night at a pizza making party. Sushi for lunch, guava nectar and papya for breakfast. We're having stuffed peppers tonight - I'm a walking compost heap - never mind.


We need to take the pc out of your office for our carclick data entry team. It will replaced when units arrive from Edm end of next week. We are desperate for pcs and we have to take it unless you have any severe objections. Let us know ASAP as we need it tomorrow.
p.s. what's the 'kick of the pepe'?
p.s.s. Thai food, Mexican food...what about Hawiian food? Suckling pig, coconut?
I don't know how you do it Dan. Work, play, you're always able to enjoy yourself. Thanks for taking care of the GT problem. My time has been taken up by preparations for the big move to another ISP. Glad to hear you're enjoying your time off despite the interruptions.


In this den is the most advanced virtual reality equiptment called B.R.A.I.N. Experiment Hawaii is being tried out. I'll see if I can communicate Hawaii to your virtual reality receivers.