Were you in a dream?
just stopped by for a look

My computer freezes a lot. I have difficulty doing much more than dropping occassional posts.

Hmm.. Den Anime. Im not sure I know of anything suiting -- Ah, wait, yes I do. Miazaki's films. Now those are some anime films I'd reccomend for Danzen regulars. Perhaps Spirited Away and Princess Mononoki shift closer to mind than the others I'ce seen. Though Sastle in the Sky was quite good as well. Mmm. Six translated, cant wait for the rest.

-- The Letter D

Great dreams - you have to start a log! And while you are at it why don't you recommend a Den Anime. I know a few people who would be greatly interested in that...


Wishing I hadnt woken up this morning. Dreamed parents arranged to have Shirow Masamune (Ghost in the Shell/Appleseed etc.) to teach me how to draw.

-- The Letter D

Sorry Dan, I havnt the time to make a private place. I deposit to you a few lines today, and perchance what I find tomorrow or the next day.

I dreamed of a grand adventure with Wavy Gravy's children to find his long lost inheritance.

At the end of the adventure, instead of finding many jewls and gold or wads of cash, we find ancient tomes of RPG books, thought lost or nonexistant.

I have put a linking system in place so that you can link to a secret den by using the ~ (squiggle tilde or whatever you call it up in the left keyboard corner) in front of the secret den name then a : then the secret den password and finally another ~ squiggle. We can call it a dream link.

It might be best to write a sentence or two summary here in the Dreams den and then provide a link to the full dream in your secret dream den. this way you have a journal and we keep the general den a bit more readable.

Here is the link to my upcoming journal: eDan Dreams


Dreams - we all lay round the cozy shag-moss cavern and join each other's dreams. Interpretations are welcome and if you so desire to keep a journal of dreams please open a secret den and tell us the link like so: ~secretDenName:secretDenPassword~ and the Den will magically put a dream link in for you. This way we can visit and read them all as a work of art.