1. Radiohead, OK Computer
2. Mingus Presents Mingus
3. Bach, Brandenburg Concerti (Hayden Clark)
4. Coltrane, A Love Supreme
5. Flaming Lips, Soft Bulletin
6. Kings of Convenience
7. Madvillain, Madvillain
8. The Microphones, The Glow, Pt. II
9. Beck, Mutations
10. Animal Collective, Sung Tongs
white noise-anelectric storm
0-White Noise- An Electric Storm
1-Tyrannosaurus Rex-Unicorn
2-Pentangle -Basket of Light
3-Fairport Convention -S/T
4-Donovan- Gift from a flower...
5-Fairfield Parlour-Home to Home
6-Bert Jansch-Nicola
7-Incredible String Band- 1000 spirits
8-The Seegers sing american folk songs
9-Skip James -collection
10-David Bowie -Man who sold the world
11-David Bowie -Images
12-T Rex s/t

1- Afro Celt Sound System (No title, red covor)
2- Future Sounds of London (Any album)
3- They Might Be Giants (Lincon, No or Flood)
4- Oingo Boingo ~ Insanity
5- Tempest (Just about anything, fancinating music)
6- Tom Waits ~ Rain Dogs
7- Rammstine (Nothing inparticular)
8- Apocalyptica (Preferably a ripped CD with everyhting on it)
9- Trigun OST ~ Happy Dougnut
10- Cowboy Bebop Movie OST

Just off the top of my head.

-- The Letter D

1.THE WHITE ALBUM ~ The Beatles
2.IN DA GODDDA DA VIDA~ Iron Butterfly
3.THROUGH THE PAST, DARKLY ~The Rolling Stones
4.the "PLATOON" Soundtrack
5.something with John Lennon's "IMAGINE" on it
6.CANTO GREGORIANO (I'm not Christian but there's something about latin cahnt that is soothing)
8.LEGEND~Bob Marley

CARAVAN- Land of Pink and Grey
ROKY ERIKSON- Casting the Runes
SUN RA- Strange Celestial Road
ZAPPA+THE MOTHERS- Live at the Fillmore east 71
PINK FAIRIES- Do It! (Complilation)
He's a rock and roll star. He whupped batman's ass. He whipped the werewolf with a belt. Scream, Dracula, scream!
Who is Wesley Willis?
1. Wesley Willis Greatest hits Vol II (The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up would be strangely comforting)
2. Wesley Willis Greatest hits Vol I
3. Anything by Charles Mingus, pref. Fables of Fabulus
4. Ella Fitzgerald, The Best of The Songbooks
5. Igor Stravinsky, Le Sacre du Printemps
6. Hoslt, The Planets
7. Nimoy & Shatner, Spaced Out (It Was a Very Good Year is better than Sinatra's, if you ask me)
8. The B52's
9. Something with Rachmaninov's Morceaux Fantasies
10. Another Mingus, probably New Tijuana Moods

-Cosmo Bimbo, Almighty Lord of Onomatopoeia

8/27/72 refers to the date of a performance by the Dead; or any other band for that matter, recorded live for posterity and enjoyment.The standard protocol for tape-trading is month/day/year/venue.Eg; 2/13/70 Fillmore East, NYC.
Excelent choices, Nico!
W.S. Burroughs? Been a while since I heard his name, got a pic of a friend standing with the guy. Ever read any of his books, or watch the film addaptation of "The Naked Lunch"? He has quite an interesting "Thanksgiving Day Prayer"...

Chaos Zen

Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland
Steve Vai- Fire Garden
Spirit- The Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus
Jethro Tull- Benefit
Beatles- Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
if you are talking to me (nico), yes, I do dig the Dead. Very much so. Any band that can stay relatively true to their cause for that long of a time, while using such extreme amounts of mind altering substances, and going through various tragedies desearves at least the respect (if not admiration) of everyone.
Bootlegs? a den?
I'm not sure I follow, but I'm always game for any experiment.
-nico blue
to mr.ps-8/27/72 etc.
are you talking to me? I'm confused.
-nico blue
To the author of the last post:My fave albums (Which, yes...some are only on CD, some are doubles....etc, etc);I am the fella who had the G.D's "Live Dead" on his list.Am I to assume by your list you dig the Dead?If so...we...and perhaps others who frequent these strange dens could create a "Desert Island Bootlegs" den!Hmmmm....that would REALLY irritate some folks...but then again, the uninterested (bless 'em) probobly would'nt go in there after they learned of it's content.


hot rats: Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention
Nico: Blind Melon
Mystery Box: Mickey Hart
The Soundtrack to the movie "Suburbia"
Preist They Called Him: William S. Burroughs
(do spoken word albums count?)
The soundtrack to the 7th Guest game, CD #2
Greatest Hits: The Velvet Underground

(is this allowed?)
The Beatles Anthology

Harvest: Neil Young

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn: Pink Floyd


I would belive that a Double CD would equal one as it is a part of the whole. It's kinda like renting Titanic or Shindlers list on VHS and only getting the first tape of a two part set!
I don't think these people are anicent. I'm still in high school and I still know of and like most of the music mentioned.
This is a really tough question and I'll have to think about it. One current album that comes to mind (for you not-ancient person or people) is Beck's Mutations. (i think it's on vinyl)
I'll get back to you all when I can think of ten.


P.S. Do double albums count as one or two?

You individuals must be ancient, because I dont even know half of the music mentioned below.
Hmmmmm......what should my criteria be; ie, in a -real- desert island setting/circumstance.Strange.Well, I 'spose I'll just list 10-if-I-hadda-pick slabs of wax.As for listening to this stuff on some weird-ass desert island.....I dunno, but, 'ere go's:

(No Particular Order):

Grateful Dead-"Live Dead"
Yes-"Close to the Edge"
Pindar Family-"The Real Bahamas"
Skip Spence-"Oar"
King Crimson-"Starless and Bible Black"
Miles Davis-"Bitches Brew"
Beatles-"Abbey Road"
Stranglers-"Off the Beaten Track"
Allman Bros.-"Ludlow Garage"
Hawkwind-"Space Ritual"

1.CAN-Delay 1968
3.BULLDOG BREED-Made in England
5.TRAFFIC -s/t
6.JETHRO TULL-This Was..
7.T REX-s/t 1st
8.COLOSSEUM-Those Who are About to Die...
9.FREE-Tons of Sobs
10.BLACK SABBATH-s/t 1st
all heavy-hitting Lps' in one way or another.
Highly recommended to other desert island refugees! all have the theofilus seal of approval...I asked!!
Ooops, typo...
I meant Sol Invictus
There are so many other depressing tunes to suffer my life through, but would realy look forward to being forever stranded alone.

1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. (anything with "I let Love in")
2. Soul Invictous (I heard it was depressing enough to suit me)
3. Joy Division (Anything close to when their singer killed himself)
4. who cares, when's the next boat to that island?
Ten choices Eh?? Well let me think....

1) Live: "Throwing Copper"
2) Mike Oldfeild: "Songs From a Distent Planet"
3) Jimi Hendrix: "The Experience"
4) Candlebox: "Candlebox"
5) Headstones: "Picture of Health"
6) Holly Cole Trio: "Blame it on My Youth"
7) Tangerine Dream: "Turn of the Tides"
8) Killjoys: "Starry"
9) Mocean Worker (aka Adam Dorn) "Mixed Emotional Features"
10) Varuca Salt: "Eight Arms to Hold You"

That should keep me happy for a while, but I don't think that the surrounding nature would enjoy Jimi's dripping guitar licks or the pounding beats of Mocean Worker!

Why do you want to know?
Who was that that said "wow that's tough"?
wow, some pretty exotic island disk choices.

my choices would change from day to day, but some permenant selections might be:

Trace, Son Volt
If I should fall from grace with god, Pogues
Death to the Pixies, Pixies

Pretty boring stuff.


Ok Here goes
1-XTC, English Settlement
2-Ben Mink, Foreign Exchange
3-David Sylvian, Brilliant Trees
4-Beatles, Abbey Road
5-David Bowie, Heroes
6-Led Zeppelin, 4
7-Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
8-Steve Reich, 6 Marimbas
9-Gary Numan, Pleasure Principle
10-Rolling Stones, Let it Bleed

Wow, that was tough.

OK, I'll be sure to have my favorite tunes pressed in vinyl before getting into any boats in the future.
as stated below it is a PHONOGRAPH...as in like,a RECORD player...but you can pretend you have all your CDs' on vinyl...
That's what I'm waiting for.

Come on, someone else put in their CDs
1 Current 93 - "All the Pretty little Horses" w/Patriapassionist
2 UPC "UPC" (could we trade the phonograph for a CD player?)
3 Dead Can Dance - "Toward the Within"
4 The Misfits "20 Track Album" (call it nostalgia)
5 David Bowie (anything with "Space Oddity/Major Tom")
6 Best of Blondie
7 Roy Orbison's gretest hits (but not the one I have, the other one!)
8 4 Non Blonds "Begger Better Faster More"
9 Monty Python's Final Rip-off
10 Coup De Etat "Audiobook version" (but keep this one on the hush-hush, some governments are touchy about it)

Why would anybody want to leave an island with such unusual natural rescources. Just give me a PC , modem, Raderwars and instructions on how to build a Tesla microwave transmitter/deathray and maintain nuclear supremacy using coconuts like the "proffesor" on Gilligan's Island, and I'll be happy!


Do what I did...
1-July s/t
2-Pretty Things "sf sorrow"
3-Hawkwind "in search of space'
4-The Smoke "it's smoke time'
5-Donovan "A gift from a flower.."
6-MC5 "Back in the USA"
7-The Pink Floyd "Piper@the gates of Dawn"
8-The Koobas "Barricades"
9-Tyrannosaurus Rex "unicorn"
10-Apple "an apple a day"
ok..ok..only 10 but what if i smuggle the NAZZ, SRC and the Incredible String band albums in under my pants?

311 Live,bbc Sounds fo the City,
1. Johnny Pineapple - Orchestra
2. Bongo Date nah, Shankar - Sitar Recital
3. BBC Sounds of the City
4. Bel Shazar's Belly Dancing
5. Love - Forever Changes
6. Monty Python - Hollywood Bowl
6. Beatles - Revolver or PF-IO
7. Perez Prado - Mambo!
8. Gary Numan - Telekon
9. Dr Suess - Oobleck
10. Bach - Brandenburg Concertos

You are myteriously stranded on a desert island with an unexplainable electrical plug-in one phonograph player
and a crate of 10 albums What 10 would you most like them to be
Choose wisely as who knows when you will be rescued
Who cares?