Thanks for stuff.


Thanks for still being here!


Thanks for still being here!


Thanks to mr Frisbee
Thanks to those who repeat
Thank goodness this reasoning is false.
Thank goodness this reasoning is false.
Thanks for evil, without which there'd be no good!
Thanks for evil, withour which there'd be no good!
Cynicism in itself is a diguised blessing. When you choose to think the worst, all else is only getting better.

thanks for invitations and phone calls out of the blue.
thanks for moments of wonderful faith when one's natural inclination is to be cynical as hell.
Thanks to Death for kidnapping me this thanksgiving and making me wish I never had to leave his home.
Thanks to Dad for not freaking out and asking for Deaths maiden name, birth certificate, and home address when I suddenly pranced out the door with my backpack and leash.
Thanks to my mother for giving me two weeks allowance in advance.
Thanks to the Dolphin that introduced us.
Thanks to thenice laty who made change for the hundred dollar bill and let me stay in the resturant so I could draw.
Thanks to the creator of Zebra Girl for inspiring me to draw again.

Thanks to my brother for being alive and well.

-- The Letter D

Thanks to all of the people in my life for being there.
Thanks to all of the people in the world for being a part of it.
Thanks to all of you for being here.


Thanks again to my Dad even though I missed his birthday again!
Thanks be to TPTB for my good health, my loving family, my dear sweetie, for having enough money to get by, for the roof over my head, for living in the USA.
In the midst of difficulty, thank you world.

Thank my fellow sentient beings who buoyantly support me as we walk the path to liberation together. Thank you to the difficulties and constant delusions of ignorance for keeping me humble and reminding me that ego is not the way. Thank you dharma your teaching points the Way. Thank you oh boundless mind for the infinite and my part in it.

May I always be aware of these gifts as I struggle with cause and effect of life.

I thank the world for recieving me and putting up with my mistakes.
Thanks to all who still drop by every once in a while.. I still think of all of you, even those who wish to be nameless. Thanks for the thoughts, the dreams, the hopes... Thanks for love and kindness, thanks for being different and thanks for being the same.

Chaos Zen
Still here in 2003!

Thanks for being here dan zen


Thanks for all the good time stan and many more to come.
thank you to my darling husband.
Thanks go out to our noses
Thank you for knuckles.
Thank you for Punk Rock. Thank you for Johny Rotten, Joey Ramone, Jello Biafra, Lars Fredricksen, Tim Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong, Anarchy, hair dye, studs, spikes, safety pins, denim, leather, courduroy, dogs, cats, Advil, Zoloft, Welbutrin, bras, Converse All-Stars, shoelaces, humor, Adam Carolla, Adam Sandler, refrigerators, microwaves, washers & dryers, clothespins, duct tape, WD-40, the color black (it goes with everything), piercings, naps, toothpaste, bubble gum, Midnight Milkyway, hot chocolate, sun, rain, yellow roses, black tulips, ice, cream soda, fire, best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, honest people, smart people, marshmallows, bunnies (mine just died; her name was Jakarta), chairs, beds, makeup remover, clocks, things that smell good.....

whew...that was therapudic.
Lets hear an amen to that.

I would like to thank my lucky stars for, at last, bringing me love.
Thank you for helping me to walk today, I thouht that the time of being mobile had passed and then the strength was there again. Sticks and wheel chairs have no place in my pride, not yet anyway. Thank you God for giving me Neil for 35 yrs, and two wonderful children
Thank you for joy
thank smiles
I would like to thank all the people who went to bed without dinner so that inapropriate humor could live.
Thanks ChaosZen for hanging out.

Dan Zen

Thanks again to DanZen for making a place that so far, (for several years now), seems it will always be here as a uniting place for those I have met here...

Chaos Zen

Happy Holydays
(Winter Solstice 2K)

How very nice, to have a place where thanks is given. I would like to thank God for His Love. I would also like to thank Brennan Manning for his books.
Thanks for such well-fitting pants
Thanks for another beautiful year, and here's to many more.
Thank you AMK- for laughing with me.
Thanks for different personalities that make life interesting and keep it challenging. Thanks for allowing people who have never experienced self acceptance to achieve faith, peace, and love for themselves.
Thanks for the sun and the light it brings to all the colours and the warmth on my skin. Thanks for the fresh wind that carresses and refeshes me. Thanks for friendships present, past and future. Thanks for creativity, for solitude, for thought, for positivity. Thanks for sound, laughter, music and peace. Thanks for existence and hope. Thanks for love and harmony.


Thanks for letting me meet Graydon early so I didn't have to spend the rest of my life looking for him.
Thanks for relative intellectual freedom and the chance to educate myself further.
Thanks for chocolate, fat, and refined sugar. Also spinach and red peppers. Especailly garlic.
thanks for Mr. Collins.
and thanks to god for putting him within my grasp.
thanks for thankfulness.

and a place to express it.

Thanks for that nice feeling when your skin is next to someone else's.
Thanks for life, thanks for love, thanks for laughter and happiness. Thanks for friends and family. Thanks for blue skies and water. Thanks for sunshine, rain, rivers, and lakes. Thanks for nature and the beauty that surrounds us every day. Thanks for life lessons, second chances, and exhistance.

Thanks to the Lord and his creation, above all.Also, thanks to Kafka, Lewis Carrol, Neil Cassidy, Grann', Tesla, Reich, and many....many others.

Oh, and, a tip-o-th'-hat to Danzen too!

Thank you, Dan Zen, for making this place.
Thanks for the light that hits just right at this time of day. Thanks for tomorrow. Thanks for another chance. Thanks for quietness. Thanks for a place to go. Thanks for pumpkins. Thanks for little brothers.
Thank you God for giving me a perfect, beautiful little girl. I don't deserve her.
I want to thank all of the gods!
Thanks for fire, love, poetry, thanks to all of the muses, to the Gnostics, and to the gods of mankind created each day. Thanks to the Christian god for trying to bind all things in love and for the occassional visits (PS, party at my place you gonna be there again?) thanks to Jesus Christ for those little secrets about your past that so many are clueless about (Yes, the QBL stuff, you are a great teacher, too bad the others who use your name to talk about love practice more hate toward those who differ, sorry, nothing I can do about that). Thanks to Buddah, for telling me the easiest way to not let anything get me down, and to stay focussed on love and acceptance. Thanks to Eris for teaching me how to accept whatever may come, good or bad and that it is all a part of the bigger picture (and to Loki for the same stuff, hope things work out for you and Eris, you have my blessings). Thanks to Hera and Jove, for the ideas for the house, but I still think a rooftop garden is feasable. Thanks to Ghea for that lovely red clay and limestone, it will realy come in handy! Thanks to Luna for the latenight company, and helping with the lights, so I can work well into the night and still see what I'm doing. Thanks to all else, for understanding that I haven't enough room to type to everybody, but I am thinking of you!
Hey I want to thank God too!
For everything
Has anyone gave thanks to God?
Well may I be the first.
Thank you God.
thanks to rory for the kick in the pants and the boundless love; thanks to theia for being theia; thanks to joel for being a friend; thanks to the dirtylisters who made coachella the exprience of a lifetime; thanks to whomever first put mint and chocolate together. jk
Thanks be to all who are known as "The Blue Flames", for the countless blessings and the evidence of majick in love and Unity. Love to all, and a greater love toward Earth.

I offer up thanks for the opportunities I have, and also for the strength to make it through difficult partings. "Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it"
I praise thanks for the Love I have found. For here gentle lips, lips of fury fire, knowing eyes, and caring heart. I give thanks for the support I have recieved, for the air I breath, the Earth I touch, the pathes that lay ahead, and the map I found along the way.
Thanks for what, Why thank intelligence that is not from inside ourselves? Inside is where we realy learn.


Should we thank the people who are classified smart or those who choose not to be certified as smart???
Should we thank the smart people?
What I meant to say, is that if the desire to join is strong enough, just keep retesting and eventualy, almost anybody could get in.

Chaos Zen

Don't concern yourself to much with mensa, it is just an intellectuals society that only accepts the top 2% of applicants as far as IQ test scores. I only scored 148 on the test, and they say I missed it by only 1.5 questions, but may retest after a month.

Chaos Zen

Cool, thanks for the correspondance and other info. But I am still not clear about what MENSA is or how to join.


Mzed, I am 565, thought it was mentioned earlier. It seems we think similarly, with the only exception, that you seem to be living in my past. Send me email through the "Liber 565" site, and we may discuss further.

Chaos Zen

Thanks to a guy called 565 for those secrets about the lavender, the one you meantioned in one of your hidden love rituals, it works better than I could have ever imagined! Can I be one of your "brothers"?


Thank you "options" and "free will".
Thanks to dreams of vanishing for the details of how to do so.
Thank you Sorrow for making it real.
Thank you Earl Grey
Thanks for the thesarus

Not to mention, they come in handy when negativity is needed to weigh the "Chaos Luck Factor" so that the positive outcome of your focus may come into being.

I'm back, with,
Chaos Love MajiCK
Chaos Zen

Thanks be to all that is dark, depressing and morose for giving something to turn to when all else fails.

"When all that you hold sacred falls down and does not mend, just remember that death is not the end"


Thanks for the random forces of nature for facilitating the conjunction between my long held obsession and myself. I've waited long for one who was unavailable, but the more faithfully I wait in silence, the closer we grow. Today I feel closer than ever for last weekend we touched hands on several occassions.
Thanks for the great burrito I had last night but it was a bit more expersive than beans, flour and rice are worth. Still it was yummy.
Thanks be to the wind for being pleasant, consistant and very helpfull in flying kites which seems to be a common pastime now that the collection between my son and myself has grown to nearly a dozen kites.
Thanks for the most beautiful, perfect sunny, windless, clear Easter Sunday I can remember in as very long time. May I have another?
Thanks are in order for the guy who created spell check. Also the person who created those 256 colours for Macintosh. I'd like to meet him or her.
Thanks to evry one who I have ever net for influensing my creartiveness...

Thanks to my dreams for endless entertainment.
Thanks for the continued confidence and energy to fullfill my dreams.

Thanks to the sense of taste and texture which make Baclava so enjoyable!

Is there anybody here who has not yet had the pleasure of tasting Baclava?

Yes, thank you to my friend Greg who brought over the best bacliva I've ever had.
Thanks to our senses, without which we'd have no means of any enjoyment at all!
Thank you to the brewers of Guinness extra stout, who by their manipulation of barley malt provide me with endless joy
Thanks to E-Dan for the intelectual motivation of thought by providing these dens.

Thanks to Theophilus for his humor and wisdom, often one and the same.

Thank the Greek cook who invented Baclava! It has always been a treat. My record producer thought it to be odd that on my birthday I recieved many valuable gifts, but set them all aside for the one person who knew that Baclava would be valued more to me, it was hand-made by the giver.

Thank you.

Chaos Zen

Thank you "confidence".
Thanks to those who visit and post in the other dens.
thank you for good music and friends.
I think Alanis must have seen this den - oh, thank you whoever made up Atlantis.
Thank you India.
THANX for the money!!!!!!
thank you for more than one sex! it make things interesting!all that biology going awry!
Thanks for the Baclava Greg, it was impossibly exotic
then you better thank W for XYZ!
Thank you A&P for having E
Thank you for the fuzz pedal!
Thank you for the snow.
Thanks Alli for being my friend for 4 years,5 months and 6 hours.
Thanks to Dad and sorry I missed his birthday.
Thanks to our furnace repair man for spotting that our water heater was venting into our basement.
Thanks Russ for the beats
Thanks FLW.
Thanks Rosemary for doing the Kitchen
Thank you, my sister, for adding Mark to the family
Thank you Mark for taking care of my sister
thanks be to Dan who turned me on to the Bee Gees
(1st album-ahem)and much more tie flinging experiences, thanks be to Tomas with whom I travelled far, to James,Keon, Andre,Jeremy,Matt
and Hans Ohrt(Orht)my gnostic brothers-wherever
they may be.Thanks to Christina,Michele,Erin +
Christian for putting up with it all.


thank you dan for my birthday movie tape and that citadel song and for telling me i'm beautiful
ps happy birthday!
That's beautiful, thank you for reminding us that reviving can always be done.


thank you for reviving the love that i thought was gone when I wrote this : Love is fading
with subtle shading
it's in his eyes
my heart's surprised
forever lost
away i'm tossed
like women i've seen

no more dreams !!!

This is the Den of Thanks. The Den is a completely round room hollowed in a large block of quartz beneath the Great Wall.

You hear echoes, some faint, some clear. For once you speak your gratitude it is remembered for all times in the Den of Thanks.