Why are so many people ignorant of the proper use of apostrophes?
i hate computer graphic art, the tool should remain invisible, and not impede the vision...it intrudes and reminds us that we canot escape the cathode ray tube stare.....disposable culture, disposable art.

have you seen the price of patak's lime/mango pickle these days? oy vey!

i'll complain about the midriff baring trend, in the dead of the norther winter 30 below you can still fing 13 girls stupid enough to wear a cut off coat and stretch pants (that drag on the mudslush ground), sure the coat's a parka but when you've got a bear mid-riff and hips what good can it be doing?

i'll complain that we will evolve to have lil' tiny underdeveloped atrophied chicken -wing arms that reach up to our heads for holding the all important cell-phones of the future...walk down the street (if you're in a metropolitain area) and quick look around how many people are talking on cell phones? now look into the CARS! (that's the frightening part)

dance club music still sucks, rich/bored suburban white-boy rap metal suck even harder now. and indie-rock and urban-chic kitch music suck the most hardest.white trash/headbanger chic always has (when it wasn't chic) and always will. propagated by people who would run screaming if they encountered the genuine expression of their cultural tourism/vicarious slumming experiments. mainstream hip hop gangsta-rap suck the life out of modern western civilization...and create reactionary monsters that rail against it that are even worse than the initial menace, polarizing and racial-izing a fundemental societal/cultural issue. kind of like those last two "gay" complaints?

people hung up about their (usually over-amped) sexuality, that make it an huugge issue (and in most cases the ONLY) issue and subject everyone else to it really really suck....gay or straight i don't want to hear about it, the people who talk the most about sex and their sexuality are the LAST people on earth you'd want to be in the same room with while you even thought about sex!

yeah yeah yeah, we ALL got somethin' in our pants...fercryinoutloud, ain't no big thang! (perhaps in some cases) vanity and the pride of man literaly.

btw i disagree with both previous complaints on this issue, both miss the point and are asanine and reactionary. the last one is comletely whack and probably the most harmful way to respond...just wrong. and the earlier post is abysmal and wastes a potentially worthwhile point with some messed up ignorant trash-talk...like watching bloody geraldo (oh, sorry...jerry springer)

i havn't complained in a while.

Don't be too bitter with Bobby, he's been that way ever since he was rejected by his boyfriend.
Bobby_aire, thou art truly a despicable fiend that shall surely burn in your non-existent hell. May an attractive female kick you in the nuts.
Hell is for homophobes.
The rest of the world already knows that people only spout "I hate gay" stuff as a response to having been sexualy assaulted by somebody of the same gender. Sorry to hear your news but can get counceling for that. Was it a relative, your priest or a teacher?
Hmm. Cat's tend to have good reflexes however. Scratching said cat would likely end up wit more being given to me. Hand protection is minimal when your digits are too small to fit into normal gloves.

-- The Letter D

Revenge is best served cold, just walk up and scratch the cat sometime. Maybe while the cat is sleeping.
Didnt have time, was handling The Controller. Wakka is distracting, you know. Sounds like my neighbors.

-- The Letter D

Did you scratch the cat back?
Complaint of the evening: I ran out of bandaids, so the cat scratch is festering.

-- The Letter D

Of course I stink, I ran out of aluminum hydrochlorate.
(Message censored in entirety do to Microsofts claim to licensing rights for the use of "English".)
What is the point of having all these different forks? A fork is a fork, after all.
Censorship is a horrible thing that I believe must be stopped.
I talk too slowly.
I never come up with the right thing to say!
You stink

The key to success in any relationship is communication. Within that scope is honesty, trust and respect. If he does not trust you enough to tell you, does not respect you enough to make you an equal and equaly informed part of the relationship and refuses to communicate important changes or options...

Then there is no real relationship.

Tell him congratulations on the job, hope he enjoys it. Tell him you are happy he got the job. Ask when the moving day is...

Then tell him goodbye, hope you enjoy living in ________.

I hate the the love in my life continues to keep neglecting to tell me important things that impact my life, too ... such as that he's applied for a position on the other side of the country and that he's waiting to hear if he got it. I found out by accident and when confronted, he promised to tell me when he knew if he got it. Then, I find out by accident that he got the job and has known for about 3 weeks and he hasn't told me, despite daily opportunities. And yet, when I have suggested in the past that perhaps we should call it quits, he begs me not to. That's it. Even if he wasn't moving away, I'd be giving him the big heave-ho! I HATE DECEPTION!!!
I hate lulls
all this is stupid and all of you need to get a life and live a better life than always complaining
It is a bit dissapointing in the common teen slangs, that words like "Gay" originaly meaning happy, then later to include sexual preference is so loosly used to describe something they dissagree with. In simple logic, it translates into continued predjudice against the sexual preference of others.

Next time you even THINK of saying something is "gay", think about why.
If you call something "gay" because you do not like it, does that also mean that you do not like "gay" people? If that is the case, then do you not realize that becoming or choosing to be a hateful prson, you subject yourself to being judged as a mean and hateful person, and in turn are treated in a mean and hateful way.

Why propogate hatered by laziness of poorly chosen vocabulary?

In short...

if you don't mean it, don't say it, and if you do mean it, know what it means and expect being judged for it as a reflection of who you are.

To Previous Complaint: BART is a hassle indeed in the San Francisco area. When common courtesy fails, a polite question can usually break the good from their usual world and they'll be more than glad to help in you travels. If this fails, and there is no further place to pass on, Give them a dirty glare, get off the train and wait for the next one. Yes, you'll be late, but sometimes its better to feel good with yourself and your ability not to put up with shiznit, than to deal with it.
ok I have a huge complaint. I take the BART train everyday from school in San Francisco. It's the local subway for those of you who dont know. All i ask is that people understand the simple unspoken rules of etiqette on BART. when theres no one else on the train, you MOVE OVER so you can give the person next to you some room. it's ok! its not because you think theyre weird! its just because you want some space and they do too im sure. it sounds ridiculous i know, but it makes me paranoid when people sit next to me (i mean really close. to get off the train, the person next to you has to move because the seats are so close together.) and then when a seat next to them becomes available, they wont move!! anyone who lives in san francisco and takes BART please understand!!! whew. its amazing how mad this makes me.
I blame it on the cell phones.
Has anyone noticed how awful people have become? Everyone seems so much more self-absorbed, impatient,and just generally nasty. I hate to complain, but I dislike being around people these days. 9/3/00
You can't imagine how many mean people you'll run into in your life. They are desperately unhappy for many different reasons. Try to understand- and don't fall victim. MM
My little sister is too cliche. She thinks that the way that people act in those stupid Disney-type movies is normal (minus the special super powers... I think)
yes, what about them?
I AM A TEENAGER!!! and i still don't think there is a connection between intllegence and sexual preference.
you know exactly what i mean. gay as in stupid, c'mon think like a teenager for a minute here!!!
I don't believe that being mean has anything to do with sexual preference.
Since this is a den of complaints, im going to complain about my gym teacher.shes mean and nasty and hates just about everyone. she copied notes for us today and then made us write them all, even though they were already on peice of paper. talk about gay!
My political science teacher showed my class a book called "Shopping for a Better World." It rates a couple hundred of the largest companies in the world on various issues. (ie: in the older edition whether or not the company supported apartheid.)
hmm...in my searching the internet for social issues, i have actually came across a few pages filled with lists of "evil" companies. I think that you would have to limit your search though.... perhaps to child labour, or human rights. Good luck!
I doubt it; people are only motivated to do such things (boycott) when they care about an issue. Since everyone has different opinions on what is 'evil', you're not likely to find a comprehensive guide to corporate eviltry compiled by one person/organization.


Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake. Is there a place on the internet that enumerates all the bad, mean companies that people might have a reason to boycott (with reasons why)?
Disney is not anti gay...
In fact, they have been boycotted by the Southern Babtist convention for openly accepting gays in many reguards, employee benefits for same sex SO's, annual gay pride day... I'm not sure what else... Only anti-gay boycots that I've heard of, were a few gay friends talking about McDicks, Wally World (Walmart) and Ziff Davis Companies (ZDTV, ZDnet, publishing, media, advertising...)

Disney is anti-gay? I thought that they actually had a same-sex spouse benefit package or something, and there's Mulan, where are the good guys are cross-dressers. Then again, there's still Scar and Cruella DeVille et al.
I have my suspicions about Apple/Macintosh, just look at their logo. Come to Toronto for Pride! Biggest in North America! I'm slowly working my way up to a float: The Foundation for the Furtherment of Frances' Ego
uhhh, okay, I'm not so sure they'll let me have one.
McDonalds is just nastygross anyway no matter what they do. They can't seem to make food taste good. Do you know if there's any reason (besides avoidance of things like "sour cream product" and ridiculous quantities of fat) why I shouldn't eat at Taco Bell? I like the 7-layer burrito, and they seem to put them in places where the only eateries are McYuck and the like.


I wouldn't eat or drink a Mc-anything!!!

I've been boycotting McDonalds for almost three years because they are anti-gay and lesbian (publically, anyways... I think a lot of companies are, but most are stupid enough to let everyone know it). So are Coca-Cola and Disney (there goes my trip to the gay pride parade at Epcot, I suppose...)


PS: Beware of Twinkies (and other Hostess goodies) they have "beef fat" yuck.

Actually, this whole site is really cool for people concerned about what they eat.
Jain Food Index

here's a trick: if you're lacto-ovo or lacto vegetarian, look for kosher dairy products, because they can't contain any dead animal.
I wish that people took vegetarian concerns as seriously as they do religious dietary concerns. It's not like we care any less about the issue just becasue we don't have some angry god waiting to punish us for eternity if we slip up. I suspect Mc Donald's still thinks that the McChicken sandwich is vegetarian.

How many vegetarians would occasionally eat a McFalafel (assuming of course that it was prepared without lard and yeuchh)?

OOOHH! I hate it when people who make you a sandwich touch meat and then make your food while you're watching them! And also when they fry vegetarian stuff on the same grill as the hamburgers! Or after you've spent some five minutes trying to clarify that nothing you're about to eat contains meat, they ask you if you want gravy!!!

Cosmo Bimbo, Infuriated and Wrathful Lord of the Vegetarian and Benevolent Realm of Onomatopoeia

I just came back from the US and noticed that any of the pink drinks contained this ingredient called 'cochineal extract'. It triggered something in my memory as an animal-derived dye, and it's in Ocean Spray Ruby Red and that Lizard Fuel drink (probably scores of others too), YUCK! Read this!
Apparently Snapple and Dole use the stuff too...


I think that kosher gelatin is made out of cow hooves? I really don't know. I don't see why they just can't use agar (seaweed) though. I don't know if it's kosher, though.
Hey Cosmo Bimbo,

Since you mentioned gelatin: "Kosher" means one can't eat hoov-ed (hoov-en? whatever...) animals, right? And gelatin is made out of hooves, so what is kosher gelatin made out of? (if you know, that is...)


I think it's important to complain so that people know when they're bugging you and we can all learn how to get along better.

What bugs me:

Guys who want to talk to me only because I'm cute, and really think that I'd want anything to do with them when all they have to offer me is their body, and not a single interesting idea. There has been only ONE guy who's approached me as a stranger on the street who just wanted to innocently get to know me. It's because of them that I won't talk to strange men at all.

Men who follow you from the library (or try to pick you up in the first place) when you've made it clear that you don't share their interests. Especially when you scream at them, "Are you following me? You'd better not be following me!" and they say, "No, no, take it easy!" and keep following you. That is REALLY annoying.

Dogmatic religious or anti-religious people who try to convert anyone they talk to to their way of thinking, or call them stupid if they don't agree.

Bigots who try to make it look like it's the inherent inferiority of the people they hate, and not just their own feelings of worthlessness that are the reason for their beliefs.

Gelatin in desserts and rennet in cheese.

-Cosmo Bimbo, Almighty Lord of Onomatopoeia

I had the same thing happen to me when I was 17, but I went to a Catholic high school. It snowed in April and I wrote a little spell and pinned it to my kilt. When someone asked me later what it was, I told him. He told me, "You worship the devil?". I liked to play with idiots back then (sometimes still), so I told him, "Yeah, he's my lover too. Satan visits me a couple times a week, and we make sweet love." The ridiculous part is, everyone thought I believed it. That school must be so dull now that I've left.
Chaos Zen,

If you are referring to the post in "Wisdom of Theophilus and his donkey," then I'd have to say a definite... maybe. There are still people out there who make me want to shout profanities. I wrote that message on a day that a person in my English class called me an "Anti-Christ" because I happened to mention that I practice many religions, including wicca. He said something about my revering nature being "devil worship." This is the same guy who later suggested to "send all the homeless people to Canada in an underground tunnel" and found a story we read about a women who had no indoor plumbing as a child very funny. (It was not supposed to be a funny story.)

On the same day, a girl was complaining that she was "getting bored" with her car: a brand-new 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse that her parents bought for her just two months before. (What does an 18 year old need such a nice car for, anyways?)

People like that upset me a great deal. It is so hard to sit and listen to them complain and hate. They don't seem to appreciate ANYTHING, and there is so many things out there that should be.

I guess that's my only complaint-- that people (especially Americans) don't appreciate life. But I think I'm starting to become repetitious, so it's time to shut up...


Queen Thalia The Wise....

I recall a few messages nearly a year ago... Do you still question what wisdoms you may hold?

Chaos Zen

ps: Or you can just write to me in any of the open dens. I check them every few days.


What is your "hipcat" name? I will check you out, baby!

Basically what you are supposed to do is look at the profiles of the other hipcats and then rate them on a scale from one to ten based on the information they provide (ie interesting answers to questions get extra brownie points, if you want.) If you really like someone, you can click on the hang-out or date button, and if you want to talk to someone, you can message them.

My hipcat name is queen thalia. Please feel free to read my hipcat and message me if you have any more questions.


My complaint is: How in the heck does the Hipcats
game work? I'm a "Hipcat", but I don't know what to do with myself!
when I'm stupid and double-post.
constant back pain
constant back pain

people who misunderstand your perfectly well-meant attempt at simple conversation and get defensive and begin to send you long angry messages and make you feel bad and oh.....
I guess I don't like people who jump to conclusions, that's all.

-nico blue

I have a happy content life..
Ah... Thank god!
It helps if you turn on the yellow color cube. I don't mean to complain but it breaks my heart to have people come to these dens without writing anything. And on a smaller note - try everything! If you haven't tried a color cube you must be jaded. Refresh yourself. Explore.
A (Name free) list of people (Living and dead) who I'd like to have a long, harsh word with:5th grade teacher, 8th grade teacher, 12th grade English teacher, my mumm's father and mother, person who "helped themself" to my amplifier, ummmmm.....hmmm....I don't like how I'm sounding now.Better go draw some cartoons and listen to some records to lessen this silly bitterness.
I complain that days are not long enough, that work is too prevelant, that numbers and percents rule the world! I complain that I am no more than a number.... a simple compalation of ones and zeros.
WOW! Since I last visited this Den, I think the name should be changed to the Den of Hate! I just wanted to complain about... but now I think I will go to the Den of Thanks, and be thankful that I have outgrown all this hate!
Thalia rules....that's all I gotta say
I don't think I am the same Thalia. John Denver is okay, though. And if I'm not the thalia that you know, I am willing to be your friend, too. Who are you?


Well, I complained a while back. Came here now to add something new. Upon arriving, I can't think of anything to bitch about!! Guess this is a good thing. I should go to the den of thanks, I suppose. I hate the fact that I have nothing to complain about!! :) Thalia, is that YOU? Not a common name. I went to high school with a Thalia. Sure would be nice if it is YOU. We were friends. John Denver fan???
Thank you, Chaos Zen. Everything you write is so beautiful.

When people have so much hate in their hearts, how can they ever feel any joy?

I used to think I hated things. I thought I hated my mother and olives and the boy in my history class who made me cry and all of the children who made fun of me in elementary school and all sorts of other stupid stuff.

But my hate didn't change anything that's happened to me. My mother still abandoned me, olives still taste the same, I still was "devastatingly embarrassed" that day in 10th grade, and children still taunted me. Hate can't change what I have experienced, but it did change me on the inside-- it made me miserable. I held onto anger and suffering, and blamed it all on what I hated. I guess that's what teen angst is all about.

One evening, I realized that I didn't want to hate any more. I started to let go of all of the hate and anger I had inside. It's not an easy, just giving up such a huge piece of myself. A part of me screams, "It's a hatred I've earned, an anger I deserve to feel!" I think I lost some friends I love dearly in the process. (I hope they read this and understand.)

I've forgiven my mother, and the boy, and all of those children, and I love them for the experiences they've given me. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be who I am. I don't worry if there are olives in my meal-- I've learned to appreciate them as a complementary flavor in my pasta sauces and salads. And now, I can just be me, without the complications and yucky-ness the "real" world tries to give me.

I think we complain when we forget to appreciate how wonderful everything truly is, we hate because it's easier than to love. And we miss out, you know? Love is one of life's greatest adventures; I hope someone will join me in it. Will any of you?


I hate to hate.
I hate pizza.
but that was for lunch, before that, I hate some toast and bacon, a hate a little cereal. Then for a snack, I hate some kiwi and a bag of chips!
To much hate in the world, Don't you just hate it?
I hate, I hate, I hate, why so much hate in our hearts.
Why is everyone so superficial? I hate it.
I can't complain I'm a happy soul...
I wish the damn hill I have to walk up and down at least twice everyday would disappear! I hate wasting 2 hours of my life walking! It's not even fantastic exercise, because I still need to work on my upper body. SO there, mother nature!
Hey kids (yes, this is directed to anybody under the age of 30, and when I reach 30, it will be to any under the age of 40...),

When you live your life with the ideas of trying to be somebody else, or be "like" somebody else, it's all you will ever learn, you will live, grow, and eventualy die as nothing more than a number. When you try to blend into a crowd and do not stand out in being yourself, who in the next city will have ever heard of you? What have YOU accomplished in life?

Be yourself, and be proud,
Find ways to make a possitive mark in the hearts of others,
Learn how to inspire thought, share wisdoms and let your name be heard long after you grow old and die...
THAT is maturity...

THAT is greatness,

THAT is who you were meant to be!

Chaos Zen

Why is the den of complaints so much bigger than the den of thanks?
I think they should stop with fooling around with drugs, and start fooling around with frogs, do you know how ridiculas, it looks when you see a 12 -13 year old smoking, and trying to act like their an adlut it's pathetic, but it our fault, for this stupid generation, is full of mtv, drugs, and homicide.
So if any of you kids out there are reading this : BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if your gonna smoke or do drugs, only do it because it's you! not any one eles, or that it's soupposly gonna make you cool, like how cool is it trying to act like someone eles???? it's not cool it's totally laim!!! So if you feel your need in life is to smoke go ahead do it, but don't do it only if you feel you half to do it from the crowd, cause the average kid thinks everyone smokes , does drugs, ect, but the average kid doesn't ( remember that) everyone likes someone that is different and that acts like themselves and not others.
So bascicually I'm trying to tell you : You don't need to act like other, do drugs, smoke, or drink, to be cool, all you half to do is act your self, and than you'll be cool, no body really likes a kid that does that crap!
How come kids think there sooo mature and when their 12, they act like they have the matureness of a 20 year old, it really bugs mee, and seriously make me feel nausiated.
Why do old men in baseball caps always drive so slow.
Secrets, like lies
stick like daggers from the eyes...
For the eyes are the doorway to the soul
Secrets never fade,
secrets never die
But when you have forgotten
returns the living lie.
Secrets do not keep an eternal silence. They like a dragon or giant, chained beneath the Earth for hundreds of years, eventually break free and reak havoc upon it's captures.
Tyme Bomb
Secrets Suck.
Lies need be hidden and burried, and always a chance they will be dug up and found.
Truth may run free and naked, without worry.

#1 rule of life:
If you don't want to get caught, then don't do it.

Chaos Zen

Hello Miss, Sorry to hear that a single bad soul blemishes the whole of this gender, hope it doesn't prevent you from eventualy finding a "true" man, one who can speak from the heart. I do not believe dishonesty is gender specific, I have met just as many women who do the same, I am a single father because of my leaving such a woman. What I hate is a mother who neglects and avoids her responsibility, and does not even bother to send a postcard to her own children. And refuses to spend any time with them, even a few minutes, even after 2 1/2 years.


Taht felt good. I'll be back..........
I HATE NATO and what they're doing.
I HATE the fact that I can't leave this hell hole right NOW. I HATE the fact that I have to wait 'til July to do it. I HATE the FACT that my "boyfriend" has secrets!
I HATE the way my so called life is right now. I am an adult and my dipshit boyfriend will not let me have friends, go anywhere by myself, etc...I hate controlling men!!!I hate liars!!!I hate my life.
I HATE it when the man you live with, who's supposed to love you, LIES to you about stupid things that you already know about! DUH!
Oh, and pigs too!!!!!!
MEN are liars, cheats, and assholes!!!1
May I voice my complaint?
My weekend was ruined...
Come to think of it, so was last weekend...
My life sux!

I hate exams
I hate uncertainty.
Especialy in love.

Beast without a Beauty

I hate everything and everybody, I don't know why I waste time typing my thoughts to anybody, doing so only makes us vulnerable.
I hate it when I get cut off!!! whether it's when I'm driving or talking.
When people look over my shoulder when I'm drawing and say "Gee, I Wish I Could Draw, I Can Only Draw Stickmen." Always those exact words. It's like someone handed out a script.
I hate when people leave a mile long list of hates on this page
I also hate when people waste the time to say "No complaints"
One of my major complaints is that I realy don't like girls that say thanks every time they talk to you even when they don't even do anything to you at all.
What is the last password to the paradox? I don't know. Its driving me nuts. I cant sleep, I cant eat, all I do is think about it. Someone help me

Forgive my last message, beeing an evil mad scientist may be genetic, or perhaps stems from the lack of appreciation for my good intentions in the past. Remember that bully way back in 7th grade? Well, I have found a way to stabalize the trigger signal to the transom generator of my "Death Ray" microwave transmitter, and I keep tabs on the GPS location of every house he has moved to since I last seen him in school. Now I have a button, just waiting for the next "bad mood".

For all you bullies out there, keep in mind the future possibilities and capabilities of your present victoms. Revenge is best served cold.

I hate that I have too many stresses to deal with at once. I hate that I have a need to try and solve all problems I see, which leads to the numerous stresses I have. I hate the fact that I have no direct career goal right now. I hate that I am in a transistion phase. I hate that I feel like my world is falling apart although I know that it is actually coming together. I hate the social webs that are intricatly spun by the peaople I live with in my residents. I hate the amount of work I need to do. I hate that I have no motivation to do any work. I hate that I have no money. I hate that my girlfreinds family doesn't like me. I hate the fact that my Mother, now, for some reason, does not like my girlfriend.
Wow!! I feel much better now =:)

I hate it when guys leave the toilet seat up!
I hate traffic. Of all sorts. Morning commute, nnontime lunch rush, afternoon rush hour to get home, weekend travelers and "Sunday drivers", you name it, I hate it. I sometimes wish I was Burgess Meredith in that "Twilight Zone" episode where he wakes up in a big city and everyone else is gone. Or like Charlton Heston in "Omega Man." Just get on the road and drive, drive, drive, man....
well ive seriously got 5 cats too (honest) They have always been indooor cats.
i hate my psyco "family"
I hate it when propagational delay in a TTL based relay trigger circuit causes a misfire to the transom generator used to prime the Tesla coil in a pretargeted Microwave Death Ray, and it just fizzles into a substandard bolt of photonic lightning causing little or no damage to to physical matter and at most might destabilize electromagnetic field in the target region causing static discharge. I hate using CMOS circuitry which is easily destroyed by stray discarges of elecric energies, and they become unstable or erratic when operated at varying frequency or intesity. I hate not being able to combine narrow band light frequencies from diod pumped lasers into a near "white light" multiplexed beam using the inter-frequency modulation theorum, then split into multiple spectrum beams using an equalateral prism, then split again and use multiple mirrors to paint with the colors.
I hate my other next door nabhor who fights 22 hours a day, i hate it when it rains and i cant go outside to enjoy it, i hate kids who think i have the hots for them, i hate kids who tell other kids that i have the hots for them, i hate being mistaken for my brother, i hate not haveing an allowence, i hate the color of our car, i hate the kid who thinks its a good idea to pull up my plants, i hate it when the new kids flip me off, i hate it when we run out of cereal, i hate it when i have to make a speech and no one tells me, i hate pokemon, i hate this kosovo thing, i hate the fact that magic cards are going down in price, i hate it that no one wants to BUY magic cards, i hate the owner of the place i live at is raceist, i hate the easter bunny, tooth fairy, santa and barney, i hate know-it-all's, i hate curfew, i hate gangs, i hate zuccini.
why do i feel better?
I hate it when the eyebrows on my masks fall off, i het it when i lose pices to my masks, i hate my dad for only letting me scan two of my masks, i het the little kid at church who likes to spill water, juice, cola, anything wet on to my paper masks, i hate it when i run out of origami paper, i hate it when i get kicked off the computer i hate haveing to listen to country music when im going to a freinds house, i hateit when my dad flips through all the tv channles really fast during commercils of the show im watching, i hate it when my dad changes the radio station in the middle of my favorite song, i hate people who think punching you in the stomach is a good way to stop a conversation, i hate my next door nabor for giveing my e-mail to all his geeky freinds, not to mention my worst enemys, i hate it when i get importent mail late, i hate missing Improv night, i hate dyieng in my favorite videogame, i hate the little six-year-old girl who wont stop knocking on my door, and i hate the fact that i le in a trailer.
I hate it when the radio cuts in and out.
I hate when I download a 2 meg file and the page says only 7 minutes at 56K and I end up waiting for nearly half an hour or more because their server can't handle more than 2K/sec in MTU's!
Not at all, there is still a big difference in owning J. A. MacNiel's Symphony in white #3, and just having a poloroid of it. Sure it's pretty to look at, but it'll never be worth much!
i hate the fact that in this new and improved information age,shmucks can download ultra-rare music and singles from web sites-burn them on their own CDs!You don't even have to have TASTE or any kind of Distinction or knowledge..it's ALL available....and this obsolesces people who have had to spend YEARS hunting and collecting "treasures" it makes all such work in vain....it's kind of like DE-VALUEING GOLD OR CURRENCY!!!!BUT worse because of the socio-political elements that hing upon it's knowledge.......
.....Hektor Protector
No complaints today - but I just got out of bed.
Famous words from a friend of mine now in jail include...

"Want some mayonaise? I keep extras in my briefcase".
"Lets go change a few street signs around, especialy the ones that say one way or turn ahaed!"
"My occupation? Hero, it involves weilding swords and rescuing damsels, but it doesn't pay much"

I hate it when the double filter does not work for some reason.
I hate how slow downloads are, just to find they are NOT FUN!!!!!
I hate how slow downloads are, just to find they are NOT FUN!!!!!
Theser stories of AOL, sound like parallels to a bit of greenmail, the results are rubbing off on
the public. Time for the Biohazard suits :)
which reminds me that I hate when one hollywood
blockbuster comes out, several through other companies on the same thing suddenly appear on the
shelves.....oh that's my cousin......
famous words of a friend of mine who is now in jail; "this is shit". His brilliant philosophy
was created (presumably) after his first visit to an institution. Attitude is everything.
People who complain about cats. They obviously don't know how hard it is to keep a cat inside. I should know. I've got 5. Oh yeah. I agree with the teletubbie hater


Life. It sucks. It sucks bad. Everybody is an idiot.
I hate Bill Gates. He sits there looking like a retarded gerbil going "I want the world! Give it to me!!!!

It doesn't bother me, I'm the guy doing 75 in the right hand lane.
I'm complaining about people who think the left lane of the freeway is their own personal lane. They drive 40 mph and won't get over for anything!
I hate AOL, they seem to buy up everything I enjoy in an attempt to force me to join!

First it was ICQ, now they baught the Online game which I AM STILL HELPING TO BETA TEST!

Can't they just stay out of my life and stop following me around the net?

"You want to buy my phone service and employer too while you're at it???"

I did not like a certain flavour in the curry I had at teh shiek the other night and it was too expensive - $15.
Cats using the my flower beds as their personal toilet. I have to keep my dog contained, why don't people keep their cats at home.

People who don't clean up after their dogs. They don't pick up the caca, it snows/rains/some other elemental force and it becomes a goopy soup that looks pretty disgusting. Smelly too. They bug my ass.
AoL sUcKs. WhO's WiTh Me?
My granparents are obsessed with one thing: eating. When you're done with one of their nine course dinners-"would you like some pie?" if you say no, they will pressure you like phone salesmen. Then you either give up and force some pie down or win (and if you win they act as if they have been totally insulted.)
I'm RE-Complaining in agreement with the person who complained about the waiting for the doctor bit!AARRGGH!
Then your ice cream is soft.
What's worse is trying to put it back in - or even worse, thinking you've put it back in then coming back an hour later to find your freezer slightly open.

My DOG chewed up my FAVORITE lipstick!!!!!!!!!!!
Complaint!!! When i go to c my doctor they make me wait an hour in the waiting room. Then, to make me think she's almost ready to see me, they put me in her office for another hour!!!!
I have to complain about those salsmen who call right during dinner.
Whoever claims they never complain and other people do too much , I have a complaint for you !!!! YOU!!!!!!!
Well that's just great! This sux.

It's bleedin' dark in 'ere - ain't it!