The Dream Den has been so named...


womanofwarrior, thank you for your supportive words. In the Den of Dreams, may all our minds be filled with stars and moonlight, but if we should meet the nightmare and return from battle wounded or scarred, may we be no less the warriors we are. (inspired by the writing of Pam England).
Pansycow ):(*)
May the den of your dreams be open as you venture out int other realms. It's kaleidescopic colors reveal the chakras that emanate from your soul. Be aware that others' chakras may shed some light or darkness onto your den. May we depart in harmony and peace. Merry meet.
Do I have a third for a Den of Dreams?

I was just writing a Haiku - do you guys want a Den of Haikus? Speaking of which did we not have a 575 around for a while?


Now, a Dreams Den I could dig. I'd offer attendances of the Secret Circus members, or perhaps interferrum you to them. Hmm. Things I hadnt thought of before meandering the brainpan now. Things shall have to be seen, I think.

-- The Letter D

The conversation on coincidences has lead in part to dreams - perhaps we should request a dreams den.

Cosbian Fisbate

I'm all for "A Day Before Tomorrow" Den but I'm not sure that I should be counted - a mild conflict of interest ;-( So we are looking for one more confirm if Pansycow, you are in agreement...


Adding to Chaos Zen

Waking up in my den, I think its tommorow, but realise today it is still yesterday:

Name of my den: Chronic Fatigue

Pansycow ):(*)

Some have inspired themes that I've thought of making into MUD-like adventure games. I particularly liked some of the older stuff that came up in "Sands" and "Majesties".

Maybe in the spirit of the past years of DanZen, we should claim a new Den topic for ourselves for those sort of ongoing surreal stories.

Come to think of it, I think I will drop one in the hat for "A Day Before Tomorrow", an ongoing blend of modern, sci-fi and time travel in ongoing, multi-authored story style.

Chaos Zen

Right. And I think some reasoning should go behind it if you want to convince the Denmaster who will decide once the three concurrences are put forth.

We found that when we let people add Dens at will, we had sprawl. It is interesting how that lead visitors to make due with the Den topics. Some have become quite pleasantly surreal.


Dan, I'd edit that to say "at least three concurrences that contain both content and signed name".

I'd like to hear more of a description of what would be discussed in the name suggestions for new Dens. When I started years ago, Dens were few so even names alone were accepted, but in those times, the Dens that proved interesting were able to stand on their own and draw interrest.


Southern magnolias
Love Bites
Black Lace

Dens are occasionally uncovered in the twisty passages of time and tides. If you would like to name a Den you are welcome to stake a claim but you must have at least three concurrences to be considered by the Denmaster.