I sit on the moist cushiony pillow inside, and feel a smooth polished lid slowly dropping down above me. Now, cocooned, safe, in the dark, I wrap my arms around a ball which lies next to me. It's softly rippled surface is comforting against my cheek.
Good afternoon, I'm looking for "Liber 565", has anybody seen it anywhere around here?

Tamers prevent bites. Or those who merely identify with things of scaled trepidations. Come hither, little snakes, and whisper me your secrets, for in the land of the blind, the one eye'd man is king.

-- The Letter D

Scaly but warm, what an odd combination. I hope it does not bite, I do feel it moving under my hand.
Weird... that feels a bit scaly. It's not moving... I think I feel a handle...
well i have no idea of wata it is...........................so im gonna go rite now and yeah.....bye is it a pong pong ball???
is it a rat?
A fuzzy thing, two slightly long ears, large. It has tiny arms, and it moves very swiftly.
psycotic thigs have come to me in my sleep many moons ago
-shadow (aka mp)
there are three types of cheese in this basket. edam edam edam .thats not three just two
if u wear a wig then u are diguised, even a badger would be confused . but the badger has the power of thread
ill have to order three pints of milk in the morning because my mother is coming to tea
ive just stroked a monkeys ear and now im falling upwards to infinity wearing an orange tea cosy ..

I have been told to wait for the plumber to show up to fix our pipes.

I am feeling against the wall.....it is cool and has a rough texture...I think it must be made of stone.....I come to a curtain which feels like velvet...
You reminded me that I am carrying my infrared goggles, I'll put them on right now...


AACK!! That's not styrofoam...

It's the creature! He/she/it doesn't look very happy about being twisted up into a hat either...

The ring is not rubber at all: it's that squishy styrofoam stuff that plummers use to cover pipes so they don't crack in the winter. I've twisted and tied it up and made a pretty spiffy looking hat... that is, it WOULD be spiffy looking if you could see it. I've just put on my military surplus night-vision goggles (notice the green eyes)


and looked in a mirror, and I must say that it is one smart looking hat... you’ll have to take my word on that.

Oh yeah, and sorry about the coffee pot, I thought it was a chamber pot

I think it was the eternal coffee pot, which was why the coffee was so horrible. It's been brewing since the dawn of time. It's very dark...as dark as this room...

I'm not feeling any rubber ring, maybe it's just around you.

That was a COFFEE pot?!?!?
Hey, sorry about that...
Man, that was the worst cup of coffee I've had. Whn the power goes back on we gotta clean the pot.

Francois - oooof - what's this? How come there's a large ring of rubber infront of me?

Speaking of patterns, my teacup had a raised pattern in the ceramic, which I have been absentmindedly fondling while in orbit--but I just dropped it. The crash seems to have broken the spell, and we all fall to the ground with many heavy thuds. I hope it's not angry...
Maybe there IS an order to the world but we are too concerned with our own personal experiences, and can't see the larger patern of the universe.
(see the red den, they say it better than I could.)


even the world possesses Buddha nature.
thus it is gentle in it's purest form.
but that's not to say that it's gentle as we see and experiance it.
Maybe "the world" is not gentle.
If order is such a gentle beast why is the world without order?
We place our order with the gentle, giant beast.As it pours the tea....we feel a pull.Strange....as if we are being drawn toward and at the same time swirling, slowly, around the creature.It seems to be growing....and fast!Larger and larger, as we clasp our tea cups nervously.The floor seems to be giving way,disintegrating, and the strange being, now deathly silent but for s slight staticy humm, is our only tether.We are in orbit!Around....around....some kind of....."dark star".We feel a sense of bliss as gentle music chimes out from the black-luminescence.My Lord....this is the STRANGEST thing I've EVER come across...what shall we do??????
"Do you take one lump, or two?" asks the mysterious, yet cordial being...
Tea, eh?......hmmmmm.....
The "thing" gurgles appreciativly, and then draws out from the wall into a larger, fairly-anthropomorphic, bipedial form (We can tell this as we run our hands along its sinewy, ropey, giant body).
The sound of a LARGE kettle whistling and the gentle fragrance of exotic teas calms us.We hear the clinking of aged china and a pair of metal platters.
Let's invite it to tea!
OK, ok....off of genitals for a sec; and back to exploring this endless darkness...

(Note...I think Freud ha d alot of [perhaps now outdated] insights into THAT business....size, that is)

The long protuberances are swaying in some kind of warm, gentle breeze they themselves seem to be creating.The breeze is perfumed in some way.

As we stop to enjoy this break from the maddenig, frightening black, the gyrating tubes wrap togeather and begin to elongate....like a dense, thick, rope like arm...lashing at us!

What shall we do?????

why is it so important for guys to have big penises anyways? most girls i know don't really care, anyways. (as long as it's not inordintatly big or small.)
Nasty pervert! It's too long and skinny for a penis, anyways. Especially for yours. And penises don't smell nice.
hmmm I think you found a bunch of naked guys with large dicks!
I feel something that has a lot of things sticking out of it. The things sticking out are very pliable and about two feet long. It smells nice, too. What on earth is this?


Within such a maddening darkness....hmmmm....yes indeed!There CAN be much enlightenment!

I s "light" as we know it, just a lens through which we can attempt to percieve/understand "darkness"; and then, the opposite.Darkness as light, I mean.

Don't be afraid, tis only a midsummer's freezing rain. Quite enlightening actualy. But I suppose you would not see enlightenment in such darkness...

Where's the light in here? I'm scared
Er......hey; what IS this film....this fine dirt all over me.....falling, I suppose.But from where?It is very irritating, a bit itchy, filfthy........oh my....the particles, now, seem to be increasing in size to small, sharp pellets.Poking all my bare skin (esp.my purdy face) very harshly.Actually.....hmmmm...now its like a gentle rain of accupuncture-esque ice.
Still, though, I wonder......from where.....and how.....and why????
Good question, I've been here for merely only a "Lover's forever", not quite long enough to know what could become of what was written...

Or will this text remain forever, OR will the knowledge disappear?
Yes lets! It smells fresh and airy! Like spring rain and morning dew dripping from the petals of the lotus.
THey have hair. I think? Anyway do you feel that draft up ahead? There must be some kind of opening up ahead. Shall we explore it's origin?
rats,rats,whats up woth the rats?

don´t rats have hair or fur or something?
Hey do rats bite? If they do you better not squeeze to hard! The last thing we need in here is a rabid rat after us!!
I still have a hold of his tail, just follow me.
Lets follow that one over there! Quick he's scampered around that corner over there!!
Rats always know the way out. They love mazes and the likes. Lets follow the rat to find the cheese!! or uh Jello, which ever you perfer.
Then maybe the rat could find a way out of here.
careful, it could be a big rat's tail, they like jello!

Nope. No sulfer. But I feel something at my feet. It seems like a big rope. Lets follow it to see where it leads to.
We could light a realy big match, got any sulfer?
Dang this heat lamp has no more light. What do we do now?!!
hands the person the heat lamp wich has no more light.
I've got a packet of Grape jello in my pocket. Who has a kettle and some ice water. Is there a plug in here?
High on Jello wings
Guess we'll have to grow wings also and fly out of this one! Wait a second, didn't Icarus make wings from wax? Maybe we can make them from Jello!
It would help if somebody remembered to open the nozzle!
This must be the back entrance to the great Chinese Jello Factory of Fu Munchi. So that spies do not get his seclet foamula he has set the large jello vat beneath the door in the dark.

Little did Fu Munchi expect we would grow jello gills and be able to swim out the nozzle...

I have weird slits in my side aftre i mild a floating packet of jello and hot water into my armpits and heating it over a tiny heat-giving lamp with almost no light.. i turn it off, and we ARE in a huge jello mold, but with my new Jello gills i am fine!

THere is a a huge shape outside this Jello. It seems to have *blub* a thing like a upside-down J
on top.. it is entering the jello... Guess what it is!
The same way you grow Jello Mold silly!

Jeloo gills.. how does anyone propose we grow those?!
Yes we would be in trouble until we grew special jello gills.
But if it is an immersion chamber, what are we immersing in? Could it be in fact jello? My God, if it is, we're in BIG trouble. I've got a bad feeling about this.
You're in an immersion chamber - wow, imagine an immersion chamber inside a big lava lamp!
are you eating jello?
pulsating energy generating ectoplasmic sybiotic being-powers craft! mind-link established-course set!-----soft huuuuuummmmmmm begins....all nerve endings mildly stimulated--interface! fear subsides. Journey begins into darkness. where to?
it is as if air has switched properties with liquid and solids have taken on the properties of air
Sombody touched me!!!! I'm scared!!!!
I don't know where I'm goin'.
I don't know where I'm goin'.
I feel somth'in hard and smooth and it is long and slinder it seems to be moving at some kind of rythem and it strangely excites me.
There is something VERY squishy under my foot. I really don't want to see what it is. You do it.
I feel a breeze coming from somewhere. Ouch, sharp pain from something I can't feel around me exactly, nothing I can find directly around me anyway....

blase', skipe'

Maybe, Wait here is an opening, I'm climing inside. Geeze, I feel lots of knobs and levers.
Is it a spaceship?
It seems like a vehicle of some sort but it is very smooth...
what's it like behind the curtain?
Flush... Oh my god, you're right! I'll just dry off on this drapery-like cloth. My goodness, this goes on forever... what could be behind it?
Come out of there - you are climbing inside a toilet! Sheesh!
No but have you felt anything in the darkness?
Is it a bycicle?
Konk - I've hit my head on something that has spokes
Nope not a whale - it's too solid, does not move and is not nearly as big.

Ouch... oh my, I have to lean over to feel what I hit my shin against. It's smooth and cold and seems to have a large lip. I'm climbing inside now...

This Den is pitch black with no lights allowed. There are all sorts of large and small objects in the Den.

Describe what you feel without ever telling exactly what the object is and see if the other people in the Den can guess.crazy