Do people still come here seeking the past?


u should all think about joining my cult, we worship mayonaise
i will kill u all :D
We of Goddess, Inc. have been noticing this for some time and have spent much time striving to teach those willing. For those un willing. Well. Even the educated fall fronm their high horses at times and needle the morons.

-- The Letter D

Has anybody else who read many of the messages from people who hate and fear others because of ethnicity, religion, or other non-personal reasons, tend to spell so poorly, have extremely limited vocabularies, talk in redundant, almost zombie-like circles when debating? It does cause those better educated to wonder if perhaps one factor causing prejudice could be lack of education or knowledge, or that maybe prejudice in itself either is, or is caused by something that deteriorates brain tissue.

Think about it!

Prejudice is quite simply fear of that which is different, it is ignorance in not knowing better and most of all, it is power that those you hate and fear will always have over you until you break the chains of your own segregation from the rest of humanity.

If you want something to realy hate, try hating the human gene, for all being the same race, in fewer than 44 generative mutations ago (aproximately 44 average familial generations). Hate the fact that this is a diverse world where you feel you do not belong, where you hate your own brothers and sisters. Hate your limited scope of the world around you... But to hate somebody you have never met, never known, is as said before, fear, ignorance, weakness.

I believe that the KKK does not have the right to hate people because of skin color and religious affiliation. I ALSO believe that should go for everyone else. No more hatred. I do not judge people who have an ounce of difference from me, neither should you.
I am a proud Canadian White teen. To the KKK: Wake up and open your eyes! stop this horrible campaign of hate! If you hadn't noticed, white people don't need an organization like the KKK, white people are the least discriminated, best off people in the world, focus your energy on kindness and kinship of all people black, white , red, or purple! it doesn't matter! You can thank black people for so many things in the world like wonderful music, and comedy and so many other things. Keep your eye on peace!
TO THE KKK: I don't let anyone tll you that what you are dong is wrong because i think what you are doing is right; No one has the right to make you surrnder to thre beliefs: stand your ground and kepfightingfor your rights and your fredoms from the ropes that bind us all.
life is to short:why can't everyone see that te kkk hasa right to there opinions and there beliefs:if we all have the freedom of speeach andtheright to our own religon then the kkk shoul have right to there beliefs andthe riht t speak as they ws and no one has the rght to take this from them know or in the future

My appologies, in the list posted about 7 messages down, there were others who were unintentionaly not included in the list. Though I forget who all has come and gone, the name Cosbian also comes to mind.
It seems that circles are made and broken. The link to ~Journeys~ is no more, neither will Delphi be for much longer. Still seeking a common ground in which to meet but at the moment, the origins seem to always come back around and DanZen still stands firm, a reliability in the continuum of life and mind.

When the regulars someday return, who all shall be here then?

(In my 5th year of DanZen)

wisit me in my den "shadows realm" and the password is imagine
space and time collide around us and makes for interesting discoveries

shadow(aka mp)

I make that into a link, it's a very interesting place...


(What ever happened to Mzed? I haven't seen him around in quite some time, or Oralas for that matter.)

You forgot Mzed
Maybe they should all get together at http://www.delphi.com/magikcat2/messages
Are those in order of importance or something?
People most worth knowing:
Dan Zen
Nico Blue
Chaos Zen
Tyme Bomb
Theophilus (And his Golden Mule)

There are few others that have well contributed but they do not stand out so well.



Tyme, I am pleased to see that you too have followed the circle that leads back to the place where all of us here had first met...

Causing disasters? No, not me... (Not within the last few years). I (hopefully) am much more responsible with what I have learned so far, and focus more on the creation of possitive and pleasing occurance...

Metaphysical, you say? Sounds interesting, do tell more...

Chaos Zen

No thanks, I had a bowl of strange religious cult for breakfast. It made my tummy get all yucky.


i was wonce told by a wise old sage, who wasn't really that old, that wonce a cult had a certain amount of followers the US government considered it an official religion.
Heaven's Gate anyone?
-nico blue
Yes, I live on. I have just been travelling around over three different relms. One of Physical space, One of Electronic space, And one of Metaphysical space.
It is nice to see that I am missed! And I'm am glad to still see you wandering these halls of thought my friend! Did I read on anouther page that you are now creating meterological disasters?!? Or was that anouther. Just curious mind you...
Anyway, I must go, for I have much work planned out for today. But I will return shortly!!
Tyme (and not the ghost of Tyme either)

- Actualy that would make an interesting discussion! Wouldn't it? The death or loss of time in todays world. First question then... Has time ever lived??

Tyme, I still have not heard from you in so long... I am quite worried, are you still alive?

Seriously, I heard elsewhere that a person by the same name had passed on only a day after your last message here, several months ago...

Perhaps I'll never know, dear friend, but hope lives forever...



How can love be relative you can be close to anyone,your friends, immedieate family, ANYONE!


I always thought that love was relative. Never been that close to anyone other than immediate family. Hardely the same, I think. You might very well be the only one Lucky in Love, Tyme. Your words actually made me look twice. Heh, no easy feat! Relative or not, enjoy.


So do I my Friend, so do I....
I hope it lasts much longer than a "lover's forever".
Sometimes I feel guilty that I am the only one here who has been lucky in Love. My Helena of Troy still makes my heart race, come close to bursting, then send a firey stream to my brain. I call her my Helena, because to me she is the most beautiful woman in the world...sigh!... Sorry, I'm getting sappy. I haven't seen here for about a month because of work. Anyway as I have said before I wish you all the best fortunes in the game of Love. May I stand as proof that Love can rekindle the spark of the once dead ashes of my soul...
I think we were working on the recently discovered keys on a form of "love majick" called Ardor Rite De Amour, but think somebody might have made the mistake of doing it wrong or more than once or the wrong timing or person, something like that. Seems my own is working "ok", but not as I have hoped, we are real good friends now, but I was hoping for more than a female friend who wants sex but not that kind of love.


Is the romancing of the rose not going well my friend??
When destiny is broken, so much more draws to a close.
I've been on a more Arcane adventure lately, but still get a chance to skim through looking for new thoughts.

Chaos Zen

Hello Chaos and welcome Mzed,
Sorry for the long standing silence but I was on a travel which lead me far from the Electronic world. I hope I haven't missed too much. I will need to try and get through all of the dens tonight!!
Tyme Bomb
Seems like the two of us are the only ones left in Danzen, I haven't even heard from Dan himself in quite some time.

Chaos Zen

I see what you mean. I read your messages a few days ago but was going to wait for somebody else to say something. No such luck I guess.


The only downside of being a regular, is that there is not enough activity to keep conversation at a smooth flow. I think eventualy, 50% of the messages here may be from myself.

Chaos Zen

I just started here but think it is interesting enough to consider being a regular.
Not to mention, many of us regulars tend to at least skim through all of the dens.

Chaos Zen

We are all mostly fine, thank you.
I hope that some of you become like us regulars here at Danzen, who often have something of value to say, and some of us who do converse here often tend to sign a name at the bottom of significant messages.
I am o.k. how are you
hello, how are you? I am okay i am writing cause i wanna know what all this is about and how you got my address,.

Nope, Dark Visons is twin-free
Not a race in themselves, but a group consisting of members who are racialy similar (while denying that their grandparents may have been from different countries or ethnicity).
Are you saying that they are a race? I'm confused.
That is not a family, that is a race. Again proof of their lack of education.
The KKK are cult who try to make themselves out to be a clan, of sorts. I agree as said before that they follow sets of rules and practices, making them a religion. But they attempt to portray themselves as a family, or blood group (that of a supposed superior white blood group).

In a clan sense, from what little I know of them, they seem to have political, commercial, judicial, and possible even military wings, this comprises several of the requirements needed for a clan society; does this make them a true clan?? The have secret rituals, high priest leaders or what ever call them, as well as rites of passage, symbols, beliefs, morals, ideas, ect, ect. So then are they more of a cult?? TymeBomB

Best viewed with mouth left open and slightly slack which releives instense pressure on the eyeballs

Or yellow
best viewed in white
Bring on the Klan,Bring on the Klan, Bring on the Klan, Bring on the Klan,Bring on the Klan,Bring on the Klan,Bring on the Klan
Come on people, where are your gonads?
not the Gemini Wars.....
that was practicing self hatred.....
Was Dark Visions the one with the twins?
Dark Shadows=Dark Visions? (Dark Visons a good trilogy.)
What I dissagree with is those who actively practice and display hatred. Most often the case is misdirected hate. When they can't get a certain job, they blame it on those who now hold the job, to avoid acknowledging their own shortcommings.
Is there not love within hate. we know so many loves. don't focus, learn to withhold. re learn counting. get a smack. learn to learn many things--------- at once, without any pressure.
umm, may we leave,
still water runs deep in the soul fast asleep its creating fears and shedding tears as you hope and pray that happiness will stay but to fight it is futile so just sit back in denial because still water runs deep in the soul fast asleep.
-Jillian Metzler
hi peoples

No, nobody is here, not even you.
This is the internet, you are there, not here.
These are NOT chat rooms!
Is anybody here?

is this a chatting room

Fuck the Klu Klux Klan!!!!!!!!!!!

You know-I think you guys are really onto something here! If I were you I would go public!
Where am I?

The terms are realy in most manners, completely unrelated. A Cult is a belief system shared within a group, a religion or gathering of individuals who share beliefs or sacrements. A Clan however, is a family or community. A tribe is a clan, a family is a clan. In addition, family like or community like associates or friends could be considered a part of a clan. Clans usuly have thier own laws or rules, much like the rules within a house of a family, which may or may not differ from laws from political structure in the area in which the clan lives.

The Klu Klux Klan is more like the Klu Klux Kult, since it is nothing more than a bunch of people who can't spell clan, and are not realy related or act as a family or tribe. Also, they act more like a (somewhat misguided) religion since they act on their (twisted and confused) belief system, as do religions and cults.

In my opinion, anybody who worships hate as they do, are incapable of the love required to servive as a comunity, family or clan.

Wait a minute, do people in cults actually tell people that they are in a cult or do outsiders just peg them as a cult? I would really hesitate to say to someone, come join my cult...

A clan, I don't think you can join. Clans are formed from history or an experience. You join clubs not clans.

Yeah. We got the Klan thing pinned down. But what does this Dark Shadow Klan do? What is it's purpose? Inquiring minds want to know.
A clan I think is an extended familial unit as opposed to a cult which is more of a religious organization opperating outside the perview of the "official" church structure in a given area however as with most language, it is only words and therefore subject to change of definition at any time. half the words spoken by people day to day are used out of their original context therefore there may be no difference at all between Clan , Cult , and Klan
depending on the thought process of the user of course.
O.K. If this is a Klan with a "k", what does this klan do? Skulk around in dark shadows? Not go out during the day time? Who is the patriach or is it a matriachy. If this is a family, it's got to do something.
danzen is wierd but still gay
A CLAN is a politically formed group(Family)
A CULT is a spiritually formed group(Family)
-just because you call yourself a Cult or Clan
doesn't mean you are one by definition..using Klan,--it gives an air of "authenticity"but then again all those kkk guys probably ARE all related
-Hektor Protector
I think a clan has something to do with familial ties(think-scottish Clan) while a cult has something to do with a "secret" initiation or membership.
-Hektor Protector
What is the difference between a clan and a cult?

I welcome everyone to the Dark Shadow Klan. Come in...