…as I started to think about a project of my own CyberWorld, I wasn’t sure at all how to start, although it’s very common to rent server space from providers to create your own world, I know how to work with comps, but I was never this absolute comp freak spending nights over nights driving the Net. But it always fascinates me – the imagination of being bodiless in a virtual environment, so to say: only my spirit is somewhere on a server or somewhere round the world in glass fibre cables – digitalized, only 0s and 1s – at that very moment I always freak out, and my nerves are shaking – and my brain calls for a cigarette, then I sit there, dry to calm down, inhaling the smoke, thinking: what’s the big deal, everybody does it, thousands and thousands maybe millions, and they are all well and back to work every day, ok - they look rather tired, sometimes you can catch the moment of somebody falling asleep over his desk, although he tries very hard not to…sometimes funny to watch. It’s a promise at work, that falling asleep during work time is a reason to get fired – and nobody which has his own cyberspace can afford to get fired – it’s rather expensive running your own space, it depends on how many MaCes (MatrixCells) you’ve leased, the monthly rates diver much, the whole variety of weekend offers or work time offers or night offers – certainly, nights, especially on weekends are always the most expensive ones, everybody’s moving around and building and improving their space environment, a lot of CPU times are spend with all the interactive softwares which are necessary to maintain and move in the space…

…the eFlyers and eCommercials looking very classy, very expensive produced, the Provider Companies seem to earn a lot of lease money, but they always explain what good Samaritans they are of providing MaCes almost for free, and the lease just covers their own expenses – blablabla, Banks and Insurance Corporates singing the same tune, of course, the tax offices take their toll, and not too less, my friend – when you go through all the flyers and compare the rates and how it works with these or those components – my real Ma told me once about her troubles getting a good rate for a cell phone, in the end it is always the not really right one you’ve chosen, but what the hell, go for it – so I thought, too, as I started to led one Provider into my narrow selection – but nobody tells you in the eFlyers and eCommercial about how many MaCes you need, ok – there are starter kits on the market which offer about 10 to 20 MaCe – but I don’t know, there are, say 20 MaCe, that is just enough for one room in a house, I’m not into ONE ROOM !!! hey man, IMAGINE!!! you can’t move anywhere, you’re always being trapped in this very room (thinking of rats in labs), besides decorating your room in other pattern or colour or furniture and maybe change always the view out of your window: African Savannah, or Tibetan Himalaya, or the wild coast of Newfoundland – whatever, but there is not much to do, not very challenging, just experiencing the bodiless cyber feeling – possible the best way to start, and according to my shaky nerves when I think of separating my spirit from my physical brain – this is like dying, isn’t it ??! remember post mortem patients, when they euphorically tell how wonderful it was to fly above their body and than move into a tunnel where there is a heavenly sound and a bright light at the end, and then they fought against their body which was enthusiastically fighting getting the spirit back, not wanna die, but the spirit didn’t want to come back in the human body prison, but with the selfless help of medicine technics the spirit lost the battle – but I never heard of those men being very desperate of leasing cyberspace to get back into this zero-gravitation feeling – possibly the body tells the brain that he do not want to die again – sometimes I realize I’m just one of these whimps, who think too much and always want to have a special security of quitting a way they’ve chosen to go and returning into their granted safe haven – that’s why I am a government employee, because of the pension, aahhh what the fuck, but on the other hand, my job position is a good reason of getting much easier MaCe, the Providers know of the regular payments government jobs offer, so the Providers can be sure of getting the monthly lease from them…

…to get your space gear is another investment you have to purchase, Life Support Equipment while spending long hours in the Net, water injection needles and bottles against dehydration, which is most important thing I’ve read in CyberWorld magazines, the cheap versions look like intravenous stands in hospitals which I don’t want, even gold coated stands are available, monitor displays of your body functions and heart watchers for calming down or speeding up your heart frequency if necessary, they look like cabinets or suitcases, even with handles for easy carrying, and the more money you’re willing to spend the smaller the LSE is, meanwhile some Banks offer "cyber" mortgages – it’s like renting or buying an apartment or a house, and another freaky point: you have to write your LAST WILL, if something happen in the Net and you can not return into real life, then they unplug the wire connection at your neural interface to use the space for another customer, they simply delete you – and you die !! is my spirit then trapped in the Net, in an eternal loop, and will I never have the chance to go through the gates of heaven – there are controversial articles of scientist and clerics, and even psychiatrists write their sermon – one is sure: Nobody knows for sure what happens with your spirit in the Net after separation from your body, I’ve read in an article that researchers are developing a software to interact or communicate with the digital spirit somewhere in the Net – all these unsolved thoughts, annoying somehow, but people go into the Net – like the next step in mankind’s evolutionary ladder – from a singular cell to multiple cells to 0/1-digits…

...to be continued --- sam

Hey Sam,

Cyberspace.... yes. I just had a thought that it might be like dreams. There are those dreams that are somewhat under control because you are half awake - that might be like cyberspace - although it is fairly authorative.

This perspective of authority will be a very interesting one in cyberspace. We will want to give ourselves powers but then how do we get along together. Snow Crash explored that theme.

Levels of power come up in communal story telling like MUDS and MOOS, or just kids roll playing stories - "and then I fly to the top of the building and stop you from getting there first." "No you didn't, because I used my superspeed button".

There will be lots of "worlds" with various levels of traditional reality included. Physical and social environments will vary much like multiuser games of today. Rules get set and you play or "live" within those rules. Building software to let the public create these worlds or environments as well as live within them will be of utmost importance and it is where I see our program going in Interactive Multimedia.

As to the visualization aspects, we are currently screen based and teetering on helmet based. So far, I haven't tried a really impressive helmet display unit. I've tried the ones in malls and at the Playdium. I just recently watched a movie shown to me in glasses - at the Dentist's of all places. It was decent - no peripheral vision though.

I have tried Steve Mann's eyeTap with a laser shooting into the eye to do mediated reality. We've just had James Fung in who is doing the image tracking side of things for this and we tried a prototype which basically overlaid an LED screen overtop of your regular vision and could let the computer mediate (add or subtract) what you see. My guess is that this is five to ten years away from being effectively commercial.

Improving visual and auditory display through glasses will probably satisfy us for 50-100 years. The next step is direct neural control or implants and I expect it will be a little while before that happens unless we come up with an ultra genius in this field. Maybe I'll leave my thoughts on what it will be like with neural control (and going beyond our physical abilities) for a later post - look forward to writing it ;-).

Tron was cool - I saw it in the theatres and yet for some reason, I was ready for it. I can't remember what pre-dated it in concept. It might have been because I'd been reading science fiction for years and playing Atari and was just ready for it. I bought the DVD about a year ago and rewatched it. It was fun still.

If you haven't seen the movie, Avalon, then you should have a look. It looks at a time when virtual realities will become as important as real realities. And if you haven't seen the Matrix... just kidding.


...what is your personal definition of "Cyberspace", the term William Gibson created almost 20 years ago --- would you be afraid to connect your physical body with the "theoretical" world of electronical data ??? would you expect to find a world like all the cyber-writers described in their novels - Otherland, SnowCrash, Neuromancer??? do you remember the first cyber movie called "Tron" ??? would there be a cutting down of your data input of emotional feelings because of the limited amount of data you can take with on your journey through cyber world ??? like they do it on music CDs (cut the peaks and lows) -- what do you know about research in this direction ??? cyber sex, for example, or this cyber helmet are not the experiences what is meant to be in "Cyberspace" -- because the reaction time is limited to men's physical abilities, like: brain tells arm tells hand tells finger to press a specific button (or so)...

...are there answers ???...


This Den has crystal walls that resonate thought worlds forming interference patterns creating ultra real holograms. It is a good place to talk about all things cyber.