I'll see if I can dig up the original sketches of sun and moon and post them.

In the meantime here is a story that is not a regular coincidence but still is a coincidence:

I still laugh out loud over a little mix up that occurred during a big Flash conference in Toronto. My friend James was sort of the MC or organizer and he was reading out names for prizes. He had already botched a few names and self-proclaimed that he was not very good at this sort of thing. Well, he was having trouble reading a last name and eventually called out Kruger. The person then shouted out that the name was actually Crocker at which point James started mumbling, "Kruger, Crocker, oh well, whatever..." I just found it funny seeing that on one hand you have Kruger as in Freddy Kruger, perhaps the epitome of an evil last name and on the other hand you have Crocker as in Betty Crocker, about the most comforting name you could imagine. And there is James mumbling, "Kruger, Crocker, whatever..." Perhaps you had to be there ;-)


Very nice work. Would you consider posting images of the characters?

I visit the bubble bobble tea house every once and while and I have been learning one or two Chinese characters each visit. I pick them out of magazines and I take my time and choose ones that I like. I chose two that were similar, the only difference being a sweeping left foot. The rest looks like a two vertical boxes on legs. I suspected they were related and I wanted to know how. The waitress told me told me they mean sun and moon. This happens to be the name of the piano song I just made because it has a major and a minor play where the same melody is carried through different major and minor keys. It is available to hear here - art.



Notice this image of a clock... what time does it say?

...and what time is it when you first saw this image of a clock?

(This one is NOT a real coincidence, by the way.)


Coincidently, "Dan" is a term used to represent the same energy some refer to as "Chi" or "Floegestrom". What is believed to flow through all things in a metaphysical sense. Much the same energy that is attributed to "Karma", "luck" and "coincidence".


It is fun when you can make use of coincidences. I was at my brother's house for a visit and I happened to notice that he had a light blue lighter, well worn, pre-child safety and about half full. I just happened to have my candle lighter in my breast pocket and it was the exact same lighter! Light blue, worn, no child safety and half full. So... I told him I was going to do a magic trick and took his lighter and put it behind my back and said, "reach into my breast pocket"... well I astounded him quite dramatically.


Anybody who has the name of Dan has the good fortune of occasionally typing their name as Damn. Which is funny of course because that is what you say when you do it.


I captured a coincidence and built an interface to a Website with it - the first Dan Zen. Signature Coincidence The shapes I then used as the four sections of Dan Zen.


Coincidences, they happen everyday, but whenever you try to catch them, they just scamper away....):(*)
that is very interesting...i guess i have some dreams that seem to predict things having to do with people. i dreamed last night that my boss & i (who are not particularly close) were buddy-buddy, having a grand old time...and today at the company meeting/lunch i ended up sitting next to him completely by accident. the interaction wasn't as great as the dream, but it was interesting.

i also had an experience with one of my piano teachers: i struggled a lot with learning music and had just proposed to her that if i provided a concise report of exactly how i practiced each day she might be able to tell where i was going wrong. (this is before i discovered that i have attention deficit disorder and that this kind of support is often what add people need.) i had a dream in which she looked sadly at me and shook her head, and i knew before i talked to her again that she would say it wasn't a good idea.
--xina t.

I used to practice Astral/Aetheric visulaization (and practice conscious Astral/Aetheric while dreaming) and it is realy interresting and unexplainable how details can be seen (or scientist might say "guessed") of places and/or people we have not yet met, then accuratly confirmed through "coincidence" and meeting.

In my previously posted coincidence of how I met my current partner long ago, (then in dreams), we had on occassion shared the same dreams and went over the details by phone the following day.

Chaos Zen

i think i've started an observation to see if i notice more coincidences in my life by being prepared to write them as they happen. i am in a choir that sometimes meets on wednesday nights. i didn't think i had choir rehearsal last night. i just happened to run into the choir pianist yesterday afternoon, and she told me that there was a rehearsal and that i needed to attend. she teaches at the college i attend, but i had never run into her on campus before ever.
--as for as deja vu, one of my friends told me she astral projects in her sleep, visiting places she's never been in real life. she used to think they were just dreams, but when she actually visited the places, she had a very strong sense of deja vu. i'm not sure what i believe, as i have very rarely had an experience of deja vu.
--xina t.
A more scientific theory of Deja Vu is described much like the propogational delay of electronic circuits. We become accustomed to the ammount of time that a thought or perception takes to be processed, so in rare times of quicker delivery, we construe the event as having been seen before.

Because this occurs much quicker than human thought, the human natural system of logic and reasoning then starts to run another process on the side (sort of like error checking or flow control), which sometimes interprets the event as having happened once before now. While the brain is taking this side-process into consideration, and looking for explanation, it becomes a more complex thought in it's own that due to size, makes the assumption that because it takes time to process and there is such little time between perception and reason, the mind may be tricked into thinking it must have happened at a time previous to the initial event.

(I know, long-winded and run-on, I got lost there a moment for myself... hope it comes out right)

Chaos Zen

a coincidence is a nice reminder at how random the world is
Deja Vu rests half in the mind. It is similar to trying to capture a dream as CZ effectively described. While an event is occurring you remember the event as if you have already lived it. You try and grasp the outcome just like a fleeting dream. Since I do not believe we can predict the future, it must be that the memory comes from the dream world and coincidentally matches what just happened in the real world. Fascinating.

Cosbian Fisbate

Hello all! It's been many a moon since I've wandered the dens. T'is nice to be back.

Hmm... Coincidences... I find that they happen when you least expect them. No amount of trying will make them happen, but when you're just going with and feeling the flow of life around you is when they happen... I really like Pansycow's poderings of deja-vu being a forrm of coincidence. deja-vu could be happening all the time - you just happen to be lucky enough to notice them sometimes when you're least expecting it.

Does that make any sense?

- Jayson

Tell us some of your examples, PC.
We'd love to hear about them.
I think of coincidences, but are they?

Is what I think is a coincidence a form of deja-vue. Or is the deja-vue I feel but a state of intense intuition leading me to follow a fated path. Or is the intuition of something that seems a coincidence but the loop of an earlier seen clairvoiant videotape playing with the electric loops in my mind. I dream, see and hear coincidence everywhere around me, do you?

Pansycow ):(*)

Perhaps belated, I would like to thank you Xina for caring enough to write, in addition to signing a name. I've been hanging around here for years and absolutely love when people start to think of themselves as regulars and drop messages of content worth reading.

Now back to our regularly scheduled topic:

I believe you are correct in the perception of increased dreaming simply being the perception itself. In my own experiments over the course of perhaps 6 years, I have discovered that dreams exist in a recycling state of memory and consciousness that may not be fully accessable by the waking mind.

Visualize if you will, two primary states of thought, perception and memory, one while awake in the physical world and one when asleep and dreaming. The only time these seemingly (or perhaps 'actualy') seperate conscious states get an oportunity to communicate between each other, is during a shared state of consciousness during the transition between each of those two basic states.

The memories of one state are not realy available to the other, but we believe to remember a dream because of what is communicated during those first few moments of waking. Have you ever noticed that you more clearly recall the dreams that you were consciously thinking of while waking? ...and that other times, even if you were sure you had a dream, you remember nothing of it?

I believe all memory of dreaming state, if not communicated to the conscious mind, is forgotten or erased within the first few minutes of each day, to the point of actualy believing that you did not dream at all on some nights.

To prove this theory, or to demonstrate that generaly, humans dream every night they enter a sleeping state, try making your first actions of every day to be simply writing as many details as possible before you become awake enough to remember no more. Not only does this communicate from one state to another, it also provides a record of the dreaming process. If you do not feel like writing, at the least, talk to yourself in thought for a moment, reminding yourself (or telling your "awake self") what the dream was about.

These are practices I use daily now and it is very interesting when things are communicated in dream that include accurate details of things or events that we normaly would not know.

Chaos Zen

oh, that was from xina t.
hmmm...very quiet in here...i must admit i rarely experience coincidences, those are the only recent ones i can think of...i wonder if coincidences are like dreams. i can remember dreams much more clearly when i resolve to write them down. it seems like i'm dreaming more, but i think it's my attention that causes the perceived change.
It doesn't have to be big, it is still very interresting and kinda neat.

There was once when I was working, cleaning up a night club after they close, in the morning. Nobody was there, it was around 6am, and the only sound was one of those constant droning sounds of the air conditioning unit, one of those sounds that tend to cause you to hear things if half-tired and no other sounds around.

I could have sworn that in a half-awake state, I heard somebody in a familiar voice yell my name, but couldn't think of who it could be. Not knowing if it were real or if I was dozing off, I searched every room to make sure nobody else was there.

Later that day, an old friend who hadn't called for over a year before then, called to chat. During the conversation, he said he had a dream that he doesn't remember what it was, but when he yelled my name, it was out-loud which caused him to wake up in middle of the night... he said it gave him the idea to give me a call.

Looking at the time at which I heard the voice, which was very much like his, 6am my time would have been about 3am where he lives in California.

Chaos Zen

sitting in a recital the other day i had a kind of dozing half-dream: i was talking to my boyfriend who was frantically looking for some tinactin or something because he really needed it. i "woke up" from this thinking, "why was i thinking that? he doesn't have athlete's foot!" turns out he did & just hadn't mentioned it to me yet.

also: i missed the first rehearsal for a performance of showtunes. songs hadn't been picked, but i decided to practice 'on a clear day you can see forever.' turns out they decided that was one of the songs they wanted to have performed.

not very big but interesting to me.
xina t.

You are alloud to say more than just your name. Have you ever experienced anything big or small that you have thought was an interesting coincidence?



Oh, and try and sign your name if you dare.


For those new to the Dens, they start from the bottom up. You type in the white box and press the mouth beneath to talk - your post will be stacked on top. Try and avoid refreshing after posting or you risk reposting. The circle takes you back to all the Dens. The bat lets you subscribe. Have fun.
Three couples were walking to an art exhibit one day and the girls were up ahead and the guys were walking behind when we thought to try a game where your middle name and the name of the street you live on is supposed to be the name to use to become a movie star.

Charles started and he lived on Queen Street Toronto and his middle name was Irwin. So Irwin Queen, movie star! I lived on Queen Street too but in Hamilton and my middle name is Alan. So we had Alan and Irwin Queen, movie stars. Rick, well Rick's middle name is Perry and he lived on Ferrie street! So we had Alan and Irwin Queen and Perry Ferrie, movie stars - walkin' down the street feeling fine!


I hope it causes no problems, but the following is a copy&paste from the FNORD den that makes mention of some interesting past coincidences in the history of these Dens themselves.

Chaos Zen

The laws of attraction in chaos, are of the sort of "coincidence" that soap-operas are made of, such as, what attracted so many of us who do thing similarly to Danzen in the first place, as many of us new nothing of what Danzen was before coming here.
As such werkings of majick and the universe transpire, other "small world" coincidence continue to abound.
One may ask philosophicaly, "Why are we here?" and mean the place he stands, or the life he lives, but the answer might remain unknown with the only substitution being, "we just are".
Another "coincidence", why have so many familiar with majick or chaos, or even the Zee List or FNORD been drawn to the same dens?
Things just seem to happen, there need not be a reason. Perhaps "fate"?
Chaos Zen

Thanks CZ - those are some fine coincidences and powerful stories. To the others, please do not be intimidated by our well chronicled... well, chronicles. We'd love to hear about any coincidence, small or large - but true please.

For those of you interested in discussing CZ's coincidences with him, he has his own Den
through the trap door in the roof of this one

Coincidentally, one of my favourite stories took place on a long bus ride from Hamilton to Thunder Bay. I was attempting to adjust the pillow that I made from an inflated plastic grocery bag nestled in my fur vest lassoed over the chair when I tuned into the conversation from the travelers behind. They were lone travelers who met and it turns out had both been in jail - a topic in common that lead to a half hour conversation which flowed flawlessly into a listing of favorite Heavy Metal bands. Then the surprise! One of them said that he liked Oprah - that Oprah was a lot like Heavy Metal. I furrowed my brows and I suspect the other listener furrowed his brows. There was a pause, then an "oh, I mean opera".


Ohh, forgot to mention, in contrast to her posted picture, when I first saw her again in person, her hair was straight, identicle to that of the latter dream.


Sometime in the late 1970's, when I was about 8 years old, I recalled playing at a park in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I do not recall which park it was, only that it had a jungle-gym shaped like a rocket, not far from a bench, where I was sitting with a sketch book, drawing a 3D pencil sketch of a navy Corsair airplane. (I was much better at drawing then, purhaps because once I discovered how to draw realistic 3D objects, it became my preoccupying passtime).

After finishing the sketch, I flipped to the next page and began to ponder what to draw next. Then, interrupted by a pretty girl asking me to play "tag", I handed my sketch book to my step-father and went to join in with the other kids. I remember exact details of the girl, she was wearing a bright white Sunday dress, trimmed with a narrow blue line and a narrow pink line, and lacy flower patterned border. She had a sister who was only slightly taller but dressed the same. We spent several hours talking and playing. At one point, I recall playing house, she wanted to pretend that she was the "Mommy", and of course, I should be the "Daddy". While playing, she told her dad that we were playing house and she wanted him to "make us married". I remember that when they left, her family was in a "Volkswagen Jeep" (as I used to call them... the square boddied Volkswagens similar to the German WWII era vehichles).

At that time, I was living with my Mother and step-father during the school year, it was supposed to be a regular custodial arangement, where every year, I'd spend the Summer with my dad, the school year with my mother, but that only lasted for 2 years before my mother dissapeared again. So most of the rest of my life was spent with my Dad in Kentucky.

Many years later, while living in Louisville Kentucky, I had a dream about standing with a woman, discussing how we should build our home. In the dream, the setting was much like that of Pitcairne Island, where a villiage was being built using lumber from dissassembly of a ship that was used to reach the island. In an online chat, I simply had the feeling that the person in my dream was one who I was chatting with, one of the regulars who's image I have not seen. In the dream, she had straight, long black hair, dark eyes, pale skin... I'm not good at descriptions of people, so that's as much as I can offer. One of those, who I had always felt comfortable with, who would always start comming to me for advice and somebody to vent with, had posted her picture in one of the message forums. I saw the picture, and aside from her wearing glasses and her long black hair being curly, the face and eyes were the same. I said nothing about the dream or the picture, because she was in a relationship.

Later, after that relationship had failed, we had grown more close, often sharing dreams that were starting to match as though we were both in the same dreams. Eventualy, she expressed having feelings for me, and on that same night, I had a dream that replayed every detail of the day I had been playing in the park.

In late April of 2001, I packed my bags and went back to Feyetteville, to be with Amy. From the instant she pulled up, there was profound familiarity and a sense of being "at home". We've been together ever since. As it turns out, when I told her of the dream and memory of "playing tag" and "playing house", she has a similar memory... She said she had a memory of a boy sitting on a bench drawing in a sketch book... Even her parents remember some details of that day and concider it a very interesting coincidence. Her father is a Kemetic Priest (Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and philosophy and thinks that perhaps the speudo-marriage in play somehow made an imprint in the Universe (Nuit) that drew us back together. All other details further proved true and further rule out chances of it having been anybody else other than the two of us and her family.

Chaos Zen


It would be difficult to describe any one instance of coincidence, when as a chaote (one who acknowledges the structures and lack thereof in chaos, random probabilities and in some ways cause the unlikely to likely happen), similar events happen to me almost daily... it no longer suprises me.

I suppose one instance would be when I had embarked on the brave adventure of riding a Greyhound bus to a location almost exactly 650 miles away (by nearest interstates, within 1/4 of a mile point-to-point). A very psychologicaly challenging voyage, overnight with a frequently dozing driver, through the Apalachian mountains between North Carolina and Kentucky. Being a Greyhound bus, the 650 mile trip ended up being over 1100 miles, one way (To get from NC to Ky, they feel the need to go through south carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, the wrong half of Kentucky, up into Ohio, before going south to the correct location in Kentucky).

When transfering to the second bus, a younger guy got onto the bus, heading to Cincinati Ohio. Having nothing else to do for the near 20 hour trip, we began exchanging life stories, found more commonalities than the average random aquaintance, and the conversation seemed to focus back and forth between Enochian philosophies and practice of magick and "Art Cars" (My car was a 4-door LTD, painted mostly black, with a stylized bright red and orange butterfly on the hood, sort of a spoof against the Pontiac Firebird hood emblazonment of the 70's, all sorts of smaller graffitti and chaos sigilizations, raised suspension with over 16 inches of clearance and off-road tires)... anyhow...

He explained that he was on his way to Cincinati to visit his girlfriend's family, where she was staying for a while when they had to seperate for a few months, and also to pick up his car, a fixxed up, chromed-out graffitti-style-painted AMC. Somewhere along the line, I had handed him a book I had just finished reading, "Synchronicity" - by Carl Gustav

He said that unless he had my address, he'd have no way of knowing where to return the book. I had told him I was done reading it, no longer needed it and if it were meant to come back to me, something will happen to make it possible.

Also in conversation, he explained that he'd be spending 2 weeks at his destination, then he and his girlfriend would drive back to Nashville in his car that was to be waiting for him there. I, on the other hand, was only traveling to make a court date and was expecting to return to NC within 3-4 days. As things turned out, court was delayed, then the return home delayed another day or two, making my stay about one full week.

On the trip home, the same path, though in reverse order, took the bus from Louisville Kentucky, north to Cincinati Ohio, and by "coincidence", the same guy boarded the buss, 1 week earlier than he had expected, upset that his girlfriend had started seeing somebody else and had her father dispose of his car.

He wasn't as upset as most would expect, he was too busy wanting to learn more about affecting coincidence, how we ended up on the same bus for our return trips and enthusiastic about beginning studies of "Enochian" "Chaos Magick", "probability and statistics" and other possibly related or affecting factors.

Chaos Zen

(I'll go ahead and post another in just a few moments, on how my current relationship started over 24 years ago, and I am only age 32 now)

I walked into the Steel City Surplus store for the first time in about 5 years to stock up on items the every day mad inventor needs. I took a little cart and started collecting. Little locks and keys, clothes pegs and line, lots of clamps of all different sizes, a few electric fans, drill grinder bits, paint brushes, petrie dishes, chunks of colored plastics, multiple magnets, bungie cords, beakers and test tubes, little light bulbs, tweezers, silver spray paint, plugs, tubes, etc. All in all over 50 different types of items with many being sets.

So, I wheeled the cart up to the cashier and said that I'd take it all for $100 not really wanting to wait around for processing and hoping that one day my pseudo bartering will work. Well it didn't and I was stuck telling the cashier and the people in line behind me what I was going to do with a three foot screwdriver. About five minutes later - chading! The receipt spits out and it was exactly 100 decimal 00 dollars! We whooped around like we had won the lottery. It was a good opportunity to impress upon her that if anyone else comes in to her store and does what I did to pass them my card so they can join the inventor club I hope to start any day now. The bill is below:

View Receipt


Four stones in different Dens were lifted in unison, each revealing a lost Den. This, the first of the Dens, is aptly named the Den of Coincidences. Here you can discuss coincidences where chaos seems to falter and fate fizzle - where unplanned appears planned - where you have experienced an unexpected... well coincidence.