Cheesewiz is just another addictive drug. Only one step away from doing hard-core "Easy Cheese" on the Ritz.
yes i agree with the poisoning via the cheezwiz and catfood.

...and this one speaks in echo
i think some of you people out there have way too much time on your hands, so get a hobby.
aliens are amoung us.
there are many species.
earth is a rich bio goldmine.
we are all aliens.
our goverments sell us for technology.
the moon is hollow.
mars is a living world with aliens living on it.
war is out there amoungst the stars.
how long will it take to reach our world.
just a mind bender for you crazy monkeys.
from yours trully beaver.
i think some of you people out there have way too much time on your hands, so get a hobby.
aliens are amoung us.
there are many species.
earth is a rich bio goldmine.
we are all aliens.
our goverments sell us for technology.
the moon is hollow.
mars is a living world with aliens living on it.
war is out there amoungst the stars.
how long will it take to reach our world.
just a mind bender for you crazy monkeys.
from yours trully beaver.
...let there be a mothership connection - with Captain Collins in his bootsy shoes and Lt.Com.Worrell as the 1.Keyfficer on the GCMS Funkadelic to bring the message to all the space species around the universe: FUNK YOU
sam the man from the planet of Samsungasong
Consider for a moment, what you are saying.

"I believe in ufo's 100% They are real arent they"

U.F.O. means unidentified flying object. Of course there are flying objects that are not identified, so "ufo's" are indeed real. Additionally, if you believe 100%, then why ask if they are real?

For somebody to say that ufo's are not real, is no different from claiming to know (or able to identify) every possible airborn object, indeed a "lie", because if they had such amazing ability, they'd be famous and well known by now, not to meantion, sought after by every nation's military intelligence.


If people are saying they are not real They are lieing 100%
I belive in ufo's 100% They are real arent they

Is that where several UFOs congregate to sit together in groups? I've never seen one of those.
ufo sitings
No, your thoughts come through as incomplete and without focus or substance. It is quite unclear.
"Am I coming in clearly?"
Your postings bring on spontanoius thought, dear Chaotica Zentos. Things will be pondered, considered and minded.


-- The Letter D

More negative tones of the word probably derive from "Alienating/Alienation", which usualy applied to having a person or thing removed from a group. (Such as to alienate an individual, cast out, shun, bannish). Additionaly, alien, outcast... not a part of... To be made to feel different or excluded.

Chaos Zen

Interesting, no ones actually bothered to inform me of the root before. Thanks CZ.

-- The Letter D

Off-hand, Alien simply means unfamiliar or foreign.

It's Latin root is actualy a longer term (Alienare / Alienatus ) which means "to seperate from" (or to veiw as being different or appart {separated} ).

Chaos Zen

What did the word Ailien Derive from, anyway? When did it become a negatory phenomenon or a specific outer world sentitentium?

Ponderus thoughtlines at the moment.

-- The Letter D

With a mere thought, travel becomes unrestricted and destinations limitless. Possibilities, endless. Is it alien to travel within and beyond the mind, to think beyond boundries?

Chaos Zen

Comes to ponderus times indeed. I've been having dreams of flying again. Things I've seen that souldnt be visible by any human eye. The creatures skulking. They come here for their own whims, beyond any fathoming reason that any human is govorned by. Growing from a diffrent sun, a diffrent moon, sentience on another level, excaping the metaplanes and curning through the spaces like fish to water.

They go where they want to be.
Our home is just anohter sightseer's tourist trap.

Do you know it?

-- The Letter D

I sometimes have aliens in my brain, unsolicited thoughts, foreign ideas and logic that escapes reason.

I see aliens all the time, I work close to the INS building.
"i say hoo gives a crap weather alien monitar my brainwaves
!!!!!!!!!!MONITER THIS, SUCKERS!!!!!!!!

Our sensors show there is nothing to monitor.

repent and be saved sinners! follow JESUS!
you da man Jesus

(he! he! he!)

communist traitors!
Were you smokin weed

do you agree?

Were you smokin weed
i saw a alien once
communist traitors!
you da man Jesus

(he! he! he!)

repent and be saved sinners! follow JESUS!
dude, everyone know aliens are running saudi

i think aliens are thying to poison us so they can take over the world.Ever seen Cheese Whiz or cafateria food!
are you denying that temporal dissonence results in stage 5 greenshifting and do you not agree that when cerris effect interfaces with retroactive uncertainty principles at probability 3.962 it releases protonic cycleing of alpha particles
you must be really bored

i say hoo gives a crap weather alien monitar my brainwaves

!!!!!!!!!!MONITER THIS, SUCKERS!!!!!!!!

believe it or not, solar system originially was based on our sun sol bu is now a common used word th describe all stars with "planets"
aliens exists as human biengs
i like what the person said about the cockroaches ithink he was using his brains. ilike the the1 that the preson was reading the book the and said i wont watch tv and the aliens monitor my brain waves. what was the name of the book ?


What am I?
where am I ?

I just watched signs. That made me come to a site like this. Signs is scary I think. Its gets me thinking about Aliens and if they do exist. They could, then again it might all be from someones imagination. Oh well, just go on and maybe someday someone will find the truth.
you cannot hurt me!!!! not withmy CHEESE HELMET

ps. what is the difference between micheal jackson and casper?
one is pale and scares little children and the other is a friendly ghost

you ass monkey

i just wanna say hi


I sugest all ya read "confirmation" by Whitly Striber
Listen to this idea people, suppose there are aleins that do not have physical bodies and they have the ability to transmigrate into other dimentions and appear here on this planet if they choose to when the time is right. All we have to do is wish for them and they will come. Summon an invisible alein today for the hope of human kind please.

yeah den ur a stupid dumbass
hello to my mom, my dad, my brother, my grandpa, my two uncle hello. hihihih :D
hi you are all crazy people.
may i know do you have any photos of ufo's or aliens or something like that??
i have great news for all you who wonder about this. i am an alien. all your problems are solved!
no offense, but it would be kinda selfish 2 belive that what is on earth is the only existence in the whole world

Personally I think if there are aliens they would be exactly as advanced as us. All the planets were created in the big bang right? Well then life probaly started at the same time too

Koi Apollo


i read everyones theory and i come to the conclusion that IF THERE ARE ALIENS I AM GOING TO FIND THEM OUT

i love all ya mother flowers

Hello Aleins you are cool!!!!!!!!!!!.i wood like to meat you
I'm a UFO
so wot does wind look like u dont know do u but u know its there so wots 2 say aliens rnt

i belive

you guys dont eaven know what a real ailien looks like
you all just say what others say thay look like

I talked to one on the Quija Board.

I am an alien.

It's true. They are here running Target Corp.
Aliens exist, in fact, hundreds of them are employed at "House of Reaford" poultry packaging. Most of them are migrant workers, lawfully employed, who originate from Mexico.
I have seen lots of unidentified flying objects, several were unidentified airplanes, a few unidentified helicopters and a couple of unidentified objects hurled through the air by children. One was later identified as the lid to a Cracker Barrel butter container, but since it was identified, it does not qualify as a UFO.
I have seen a UFO, no sh**
the aliens can't get me... i'm wearing my tin foil underpants
It's hard to say for sure. In North America, who are the immigrants?
Who are the REAL aliens???
Except that brain waves aren't radio waves...
today i was reading a book... one of the characters said in "i wont watch TV and let the aliens monitor my brain waves"
its a fiction book, but a tantalizing idea
if population corolates to who is in charge, wouldn't that mean women rule the world?
If I were an alien coming to visit earth, I might see that the cockroaches were the most numerous species and assume that they were the most highly advanced one. I would also marvel at how successfully they managed to train the big creatures to do all of their work: build dwellings, grow food, etc. If that was the case, then the aliens might think that the roaches were the ones worthy of being taken away to their homeland. On the upside, at least our masters would be gone.

Cosmo Bimbo, Almighty Lord of Onomatopoeia

I think that if there were aliens smart enough to come to Earth, they wouldn't be stupid enough to come to Earth.


A valid theory, psychology does play a major role in the claims of visitation... Whether "sexual" in natu or not, is debateable. My own theory is the craving for attention, especialy evident in the otherwise boring lives of trailor-park residents. I do not doubt that life is present on other suitable planets in other star systems, but rather that spacxe travel is highly unlikely do to the required energy expendature...

Succubi AND/OR incubi... but yes, that is the theory my psychology teacher told us.


it's very disheartening to see so much immaturity in the dens.
queen thalia wonce told me that she had been told that there was a theory that maybe it was possible that aliens are just a modern form of succubi.
a science-fiction superstition, an outlet of sexual guilt.
I'm inclined to agree. To a certain extent.

-nico blue

NE1 4 69?
NE one here???
hey ppl!, hows it goin??

fuck you ass munch
your all fuckin loonies i belive the rightious one
shall come from the underhaven and ram large spades with pronges up your ass
I believe it to be the extacy of all living beings

is any one in here now???

I have not read them. But if I am remembering correctly, did they not discuss the possibility that the Aliens shared the secret of ESP with the Ancients so they would be able to move such large stones? And that these stones were ment to act as gates or landing pads for the ships?
ahahaa...Chariots of the Gods? I too was engrossed by these books... It's like pseudoscience for the uninitiated.
Anyone ever heard of/read anything by Erik VonDaniken?????A Dutch (Or Belgian?) physicist, who, since the early 60's; has been the driving force behind the whole "Ailiens aided primitive man and waere worshipped as gods by them and they built the pyramids, Chitchenitza, Easter island statues etc......." sort of thinking.A very eccentric great-uncle of mine had a few of his books, and as a child I was engrossed by them.
Isn't that some stupid show on the Disney Channel?
Alien juice
If Jeff is from Bartlet, or anyplace near the New England states, then nope. it's genetic and the probe can't be removed. Same thing for those from France. Besides, the probes give an anal-nasal tone to your voice, learn to use it to your advantage.
Reread what was said...

Aliens, yes...

Travel between star systems? Good luck, let's see you do it!

Seriously, how many other planets out of the billions of star systems might have something out there saying the same thing, "If Humans exist, then why haven't we seen them?"

My cousin is has a problem. he cant get the anal probe that the aliens ahoved up his ass out! any suggestions for my cousin jeff?
I am an alien and I do work for the govt of the USA.....
my cousins an alien,,,hes from bartlett
beam me up,,,,this planet sucks
little green man
i am 4' tall, male, large eyes and emerald toned skin

hi my name hfdgvh. Iam a frog
i am one of them

Well, maybe they have, and don"t want us to know it.
Well, maybe they have, and don"t want us to know it.
If there are any aliens, why haven't they found us???
I believe that with countless stars, which each have orbital masses which may qualify as planets, that the odds against many of them sustaining forms of life, would be so astronomicly in favor of other lifeforms, that there must be something else living in the Universe. However, I do not believe that interstellar travel is likely, so Aliens: yes, Flying suacers to bring them to Earth: No.
Will we ever meet aliens? well, any previously unidentified lifeform is sometimes considered alien, though not by definition of foreinity, so it is possible, but they will not be from another planet...


Is that in light years?
I am 16 going on 17
I used to believe in aliens, and I suppose I haven't really stopped, but I just started thinking about other things more. Aliens stressed me out too much metaphysically.
Maybe just maybe, we really orignated from Mars, and We are all really aliens!!?!?!?! What do you think of that?
Hey Spawn, why do we go to the zoo?


where not all like that, my great great grandpa invented the telephone

I certainly beleive in intelligent aliens, I just dont happen to think that there are any inhabiting this planet.Think about it, if faster than light travel were indeed possible, why would "intelligent" life come here to observe a bunch of stoned, Jerry Springer watchin, Spice Girl listenen, beer guzzling morons, with nothin better to do than buy vidoes of "Tae BO" as they sit on the couch and eat Doritos! Just something to think about....

Spawn Man

Define intelligence...


When you say plantlife do you include micro organisms??
I beleive thier is plantlife. Not intelegence.
All are possibilities. Perhaps our disharmony is a genetic problem that came from a future human, attempting to breed with a past human, and we are the post evolution of such, but not quite the future human yet. Imagine the paradox, of being our own ancestors.


I'm sure that this has been written before but, What are aliens? What if they are our ancestors? We could be descendents from part of their race which settled Earth several Millenia ago. Or we could be some kind science experiment set up for study, and when the studies done... well I'm sure you can guess what would happen. Or the aliens could be highly evolved humans from the future who have come back to study how they once lived.
I am an Alien. I am an undecover alien here on earth researching humans. I stay in a house acting like a normal human. if you would like to learn more about aliens e-mail me:
So if Aliens do exist, and do stay on Earth where do they stay? At the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle? Mount Rainier? Area 51? Or Motel 6?
wrong den, yo's are in the last den to the right, and strait down.
Ya, I hear they have cheap rates for Out-of-towners!!

Motel 6, where they leave the landing lights on.
and... and... if they DO EXIST,.. where the heck they stay? Hotel?? Motel?? or your house?
I'm stupid enough to believe that aliens exists on planet EARTH....
I like to type the letter X.
Hello? is there anybody out there?
NASA found a new "Solar" system? What did they use, a mirror?
No, there is only one "Solar" system, it is called such because it's star is named Sol. That is where I live. There are billions of billions of star systems, but I don't believe any of the others are also named Sol, therefore, only one "Solar System".
they,nasa,found a new solar system.did you people
hear.i believe in aliens.
I didn't surrender my power, I just don't abuse it. I make it into a little voice to tell people when they should not do something that will cause them problems, or mess up their friendships, and I use it to say to kids that if they are bad, they will get caught. Just little things here and there, good things. I'm the one who told you not to trust that guy way back when, because you didn't know him well enough. Even with our talent, Yeerks are not always evil, we are like people, some good, some bad.
there is such beings as aliens because i live with someone who is not of this planet
Your right.. not all yeerks are evil.. one surrendered the power to control people..
My feelings on the subject are that we are actually an ancient hybrid, derived from some ancient society that either colonized Earth, or crashed here, resulting in the supposed "Death Meteor" that killed off the dinosaurs. We may have been some kind of genetic mutation of some early primate that the ancient race evolved slightly in an attempt to create a species like them. But more suited for this planet and able to continue on after they left or died off due to reproductive purposes? Anyway that is a theory I hold. Any other thoughts on this?? The TymeBomB =;0
Millions of new species are discoverd every day.What gives us the right to think we are at the top? We tag and observe different species every day. Perhaps we are being taged and observed too. Maybe aleins are us in 2000 years and they have travelled back in time to study what they were.
you people should believe in god and such (some of you people)
I sorta believe in them but sorta don't!if there were they might have already taken overe or tried.
I do believe in aleins because in the bible it says that weird beings will fly in the sky and thats why I beleive in aleins just like I beleive in god and jesus too.

JIM MORRISON RULES the world still... so what if the god is is every other god, everybody belives in other dead gods and they have never seen them... why not a god that was atcually alive! I don't understand the world now days. Everything is so complicated! He was the greatest singer around...And the craziest too! He is my god for all the things he said and done in the 60's... the time of Peace and Love and getting Stoned!
Please see the movie on the doors or read the book on Jim Morrison's life! i would really appreciate it! Thanks for your time>Peace And Love and(-:Enjoy Your Peace:-)
I am here to tell you all that i belive in aliens. They try to teach me this B**l S**T about god and jesus and all that other Korney stuff in school (Catholic School), and i don't belive in anything other than what i see or other people see. Nobody has seen the so called god...why? Cuz she's not there!i finally figured out why the aliens are coming to see us. They want to know if we look like our spirits! When we die, our spirits are abducted by the aliens and they stick us in these tubes and make us stay there until our spirits are completly transformed into aliens. That is why there is more and more aliens now a days than there was 200 years ago!

That is my theory on aliens and if you have any questions or comments you can get back to me at
have a good day...and (-:Enjoy Your Peace:-)!!!

umm ok well first of all to think that u people have a damn room to discuss the existance of aliens is sorry. but since i am here i guess its ok. anyhow do aliens exist, OFCOURSE they do damit , what do u think we are intelligent life forms, i mean us. u really have to be a moron to think that. i would like to think that there is still hope for the universe. and for crying out loud if their is "intelligent life forms" assuming that aliens are, what the heck do you think aliens are going to travel all this way to kill us. PLEASE. do u think that "intelligent life forms" have polution problems and so they need to inhabit our planet. wake up independece day was a freakin movie. anyhow thanks for the time. i guess u dont have a life either.
the truth is out there
i want to believe
Then you obviously haven't seen L.A. lately.
i sorta think theres no such thing as aliens
Did anybody see the tape od Gillian Anderson reading her peotry when she was a young punk kid?
I think she was cute with a nose ring.
And why do you think all Yeerks are evil?
My friends don't think I'm Evil, and that picture doesn't look much like us at all, the eyes are much too small.
hey, my eyes look weird in the pic!
also there is the evil ailean, heres a pic..

. .
/ /

That is a yeerk. Lokks like a slug, huh?

In a book called ANimorphs there is a Ailien. He is suprised books came before computers beacuase they load faster.. C-;
In a book called ANimorphs there is a Ailien. He is suprised books came before computers beacuase they load faster.. C-;
The complexity of humanoid, or even bipedal life makes its existant so unique, not unique as in the only planet containing such, but unique as in maybe a dozen or so in a sea of billions upon billions of star systems. It would be easier to find a small 1 mm bead of plastic on the ocean floor.

As for the possible tech levels of such life-forms, it is just as likely to be advanced by some standard, as it is to be primitive, or various levels in between, and there is no real means of judging such, since their evolution may be in some way parallel, yet different. Who's to say the would not invent food replication before inventing orbital artificial satalites, or computers before telephone-like communication.

It is arrogant and implausible to believe that we are the most intelligent beings in the universe. It only stands to reason that there are other life forms advanced to a higher degree socially and technologically than terrestrials. duh.
It is arrogant and implausible to believe that we are the most intelligent beings in the universe. It only stands to reason that there are other life forms advanced to a higher degree socially and technologically than terrestrials. duh.
Ohh, real intelligent choice of word there, how old did you say you were?
um i think the aliens r like beast of corruption and the soul of the machine that will come and eat ourgooey brains then spit them on your mother but who the hell klnow they r not reall i maen aht ios the soul of tribulation anyways?????
Oits, sapa - sapa yang paham bahasa ni...aku nak habaq la home page yang paling aku tak paham motif sebenar kewujudannya..buat apa ntah....nak tanya pendapat pasai UFO...tu pun nak hingaq...apa la omputih ni...depa ni pada aku bengon sikit...bukannya aku tak percaya kat UFO tu..cuma jangan la terikut - ikut omputih ni...takutkan kat la tuhan tu....jangan sampai mensyirikkan sudah...tu je la aku nak habaq...dan satu lagi...cuba korang carik home page yang berilmiah sikit....betul tak??!!
We'd be like aliens to people 200 years ago
what is going on
whatz up?
I odn't understand any of this, and Ifeel really bad for myself.

someone asked what makes us so interesting to aliens- why would they watch theses undeveloped savages - buy an antfarm then get back to me.


die!!!in other words kill the aliens.

The universe is HUGE there has to be ailiens...
Not our idea of them though.. they might look like this:


I rest my case.

oh-yeah..I forgot.How do you think we get an awful lot of our "accounts" of alien encounters....THROUGH HYPNO-REGRESSIVE THERAPY--the gateway to the subconcious!(see below) I rest my case....sort of?

i think the cincept of "Aliens reflects our societies concerns/Fears and obsessions-i mean what do we value most about our own potential--"Technological Advancement""Hightened Intelligence
"Ultra-wicked Communication/Travel" "Asexuality"etc. these are the things that we wish we were!-its just a personification of our own societal fantasies!-This is well illustrated by the changes in our conception of "the Alien" throught the last 5 decades--in film-literature TV the 40s'--50s'--60s'--70s'--80s'--and 90s'---aliens... Like in the middle ages look what concerned them-or what did they strive for--the unknown "LAWS" of science and "THE SPIRITS"-NATURE,Fear of the unknown-so you get a bunch of stories about Witches.Sorcerors,Holy Miracles,THE DEVIL,DEMONS-GASP!--THEY must have been what caused those medevil crop-blights and(baby) "abductions!!!-oh-my!---
I guess anything's possible. But personally I don't see what's so fascinating about humans that any race smart enough to come up with interstellar travel would bother with us.
I am proud to say that I believe in ufos.

This Den is about people's feelings on the subject of extra-terestrials. Please feel free to state your opinions.