Has anybody else been around DanZen dens for over 10 years now, who still returns every once in a while to check up on new stuff?

Chaos Zen

I notice an error in one of my previous messages. I stated not knowing of DanZen until around 1997 or 1998, but clearly recall early visits around the time I participated in a particlua game's beta test phase which took place from 1995-1996, so had to have been hear a bit earlier than previously mentioned. Yet, still not nearly as long as I had used the name "Chaos Zen".


Great it works! To go to any secret den you can use the format #secretDenName:secretDenPassword# just like that but with a ~ instead of a # at the front and back and with the den name and password adjusted.
guru testing the secret den dream link method...
Time to wake the dens!


I seek Lotus Head and the Great Lizards.
yo are you from boston?
Mind those pee's and que's



No relation...
I have been known as Chaos Zen, since 1990...
I did not know of Dan Zen until sometime in 1997 or 1998...

Chaos Zen

No relation...

Chaos Zen, is that any relation to Dan Zen?
Harav Kusi, Habit

Harav Kusi, Habit
la rien?
Wo ist Brunhilde
Wie gehts!
I am pleased that you have found your way here, Mzed.

Chaos Zen

Neat, that picture of the bird down there, is where I clicked on a link and found this place!


Isn't realy work, I find it all to be true, no matter what mood I read it in.

Chaos Zen

Oh by the way. I love your sight I must visit it agian when I have more time to read your work!!
That's what I need to do. Instead I let it all rattle around in my head. I used to always turn me 'Choas' into 'Zen' (he he) Through my writing, art, and meditaion. But I have let it slip away and am now trying to recapture it slowly. I am dealing with a late bout of Erikson's Identity crisis right now; My Ideal self and Actual self are too far apart and battle too ferociously. I need to find my 'happy medium' again.
If I had not, many more would be too confussed, as I often am. Could you imagine what so many would think if each message, however condradictory to the previous, were all signed the same?

In my life, one day is all grand and full of dremas and hopes coming true, the next another disaster.

I have placed most of my confussion into a small website you can reach by clicking the image below.

That is a very romantic story. I wish that I could write my poetry with more rhyming words, but it's just not my thing. I do much better with free verse metaphores, aliteration, alusion, and the likes. If I find the right place I might drop some of my own verse in a den.
I think that it is very cool that you have created an identity with which you can focus all of your negativity and use it to create something so beautiful.
Tyme Bomb
Why thank you, but 565 is no more, 565 is my name in MajicK circles, when inspired by negativity or depression, usualy when the need for destiny being set back on track turns into desparation.
Such was the case when the time had come for me to confess my love to my soul-mate, but there seemed to be hinderances. The Red Velvet Book (actualy a 50 page letter of confessed love), is real, it now rest in my new and permanent mates house.

Chaos Zen

Chaos Zen,
Are you still out there?? It's been a while since I logged on. Surprizing though it looks like not much has changed. I'm going to have to think really hard to think up my next entry to the 'sands' den 565 put a simply beautiful entry in.
Tyme Bomb
What the fuck?

Those last ones were not me, I have not been here in about a week, because there was almost never much of anything new to read.

Piercings? Yes, a few.
Chili, Greece, Hungary or Turkey? No, Kentucky
Opera? Not big into Opera, but "La Tabrerini" is pretty cool, also "Evita" if it is still concidered Opera, now that Mad(cow)donna butchered it.

Ferret? There are all kinda cute, but a bit smelly.

Chaos Zen
(The Real one, notice the correct spelling and consistant verbal manerisms)

Care to continue the interview?

The golden one
what state are you from?
What is your favorite breed of ferret?
I just had my ears painfully streched with a labret ring and a knitting needle.
interveiw: can you take pain oo3x?
my name is oo3x
well lets move on
hello?? YES NO MAYBE SO???
Are you from Hungry, Turkey, Chili or Grease?
Whatis your favorite opera?
Interview: okay CZ do you have any peircings?
okay I'll start, MY NAME IS CHAHOS ZEN!!!
join in everyone-and uppidy music!
lets play the name game!!!
That's my name, what do you inquire?


Chaos Zen
Usualy if you forget to breath, your body will remind you, or you'll pass out and your body will take over with such responsibilities.

Chaos Zen

Remember to breathe, my friend. The air is thin up here.
Now that is more like it.
That moment is taking to long, lets move on!
Wow - a moment in time.
Now how about that free meal?

where to?
Follow me...i am leaving
watch it stinky!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHa *evil laugh*

Yet another archive...
he looks like a fruity fish at that!
Said what?
i was kidding about the tushy ive been around ilya perlovsky too long
i said he doesnt deserve her
I said the same thing!
YOU will not TOUCH my tushy
Grrrrrrrrrr WOOF. No, he doesn't deserver her...he looks like a fish