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Spontaneous Fable

A young man was in an opium den deep within the Great Wall of China. In came an Arabian on a white horse prancing through the haze. With feathered tongs, he dropped a small sack onto the young man's low table and rode off.

In the sack were Baluga nuts. The last nut had a black pearl inside. The black pearl belonged in the young man's ring which only had one black pearl of three and two empty settings.

As the young man held up the pearl to see how to set it next to the other pearl, it caught the candle light and sent a shine into the dark corner. There it charmed a snake. The snake magically appeared to pass through the wall for the wall was a silk curtain. The young man followed into a tunnel laden with hanging carpets and large vases on marble floors.

Climbing a stair, the young man came out onto a secluded part of the wall to the sound of penguins. They were sticking their beaks into the sap of nearby trees and with their breath, blowing bubbles to float themselves over the wall away from the impending approach of Ghengus Kahn.

Ghengus was building large alarm clocks through the hot country-side and demanded a dacquery from his Monk man-servant. He sent for the finest; a tree in the Daln Oasis bears a fruit formed by the sand being brought up through its roots in a single polymeric chain.

A Dacquery made from this fruit was brought to the monk by an Arabian on a white horse. The monk on his way to King Ghing, passed the young man and the young man followed the monk to King Ghing who upon drinking the Dacquery had a fatal stomach ache.

King Ghing's final words were not heard for a gurgle and a black pearl issued from his mouth. The young man picked up the pearl and as he put it to his ring, all the alarm clocks went off. This is known as the "Great ding of King Ghing" or the "Great ding-dong of King Kahn". It is said that every year the ringing wakes the people of China.

The fable is first hand for the young man was Dan Zen.

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