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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
239Spiraling Spies Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
IAN!!!!!!!!!1mallorySherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1KaileySherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1SpencerSherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1AndreaSherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1jillSherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1JackySherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1erinSherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1amandaSherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1tammySherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1raenaSherwood Park, Canada
Dan ZenKarenMaynard, United States
KarenB.J. Maynard, United States
KarenJustinPocahontas, United States
KarenReneeReyno, United States
KarenReneeReyno, United States
KarenBrendaReyno, United States
KarenLisaMaynard, United States
Dan Zensarahedmonton, canada
Dan ZenEllenAthens, USA
EllenSarahSayre, USA
EllenDaveAthens, USA
RobTarquillSheffield, UK
RobNeilSheffield, UK
RobNathanSheffield, UK
RobAlanSheffield, UK
RobJamesSheffield, UK
RobRobin_HoodSherwood Forest, Nottingham, UK
Dan ZenSteve L'EsperanceBurlington, Canada
Dan ZenKevinAncaster, Canada
Dan ZenMarjonnekeHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenTim ChapmanHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenRichard BurdeniukHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenMatthew HollingsheadHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenSandee JonassonHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenMatt WhitneyHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenChris MaxwellWaterdown, Canada
Dan ZenCameron HotchkiesHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenJim McGimpseyHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenMurial RosilioToronto, Canada
Dan ZenKen RosenthalToronto, Canada
Dan ZenDaren TrousdellToronto, Canada
Dan ZenPatti StirlingDundas, Canada
Dan ZenLorne KadishAncaster, Canada
Dan ZenJamie FisherHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenCindy RunningHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenLeanne ArmstrongBurlington, Canada
Dan ZenFlashing SteveHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenRick N BurdeniukHamilton, Canada
Dan ZenKimft nelson, canada
Dan ZenGeoffrey RockwellHamilton, Canada
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