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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
239Spiraling Spies Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
Sylvia DerwichSergiusz DarlakKostrzyn, Poland
Sylvia DerwichChristine PedrosaHamilton, Canada
Sylvia DerwichRobin HassanToronto, Canada
Sylvia DerwichBeata LabaniCairo, Egypt
Sylvia DerwichAdam DerwichHamilton, Canada
Sylvia DerwichJohn BanasigMontreal, Canada
Sylvia DerwichEmma ScottToronto, Canada
Sylvia DerwichElham ShahbaziHamilton, Canada
Sylvia DerwichJoan NettleWelland, Canada
Sylvia DerwichJamie PerfettiBurlington, Canada
Sylvia DerwichSarah CooperVancouver, Canada
Sylvia DerwichMike KowalskiHamilton, Canada
Christine PedrosaDanaHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaFlavio SilvaHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaAndrea MillsLondon, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaSueHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaChrisHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaChristineToronto, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaEvaVancouver, BC, Canada
Christine PedrosaJohnFlorida, USA
Christine PedrosaRicardoLisbon, Portugal
Christine PedrosaRui SilvaHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaSusan TateHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Christine PedrosaTrish GivensCalgary, Alberta
Christine PedrosaPhilomenaHong Kong, China
Christine PedrosaXurxoMontreal, Quebec
JamieStephysherwood park, canada
JamiedanielSherwood Park, Canada
JamieBryanSherwood Park, Canada
JamieasiaSherwood Park, Canada
JamiealexSherwood Park, Canada
JamiereneSherwood Park, Canada
JamielindzSaskatoon, Canada
Jamiemegysherwood park, Canada
Jamiemegssherwood park, canada
Jamiejennasherwood park, canada
Jamieteirzaardrossan, canada
Jamiepatriksherwood park, canada
Jamiedouglasssherwood park, canada
Jamieashsherwood park, canada
Jamietanashasherwood park, canada
JamieIAN!!!!!!!!!1sherwood park, canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1ANGIEFort Saskatchewan, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1BradFort Saskatchewan, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1NicoleSherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1Sarahbarberton, usa
IAN!!!!!!!!!1MichelleFort Saskatchewan, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1carrieSherwood Park, Canada
IAN!!!!!!!!!1LynnSherwood Park, c
IAN!!!!!!!!!1alyshaSherwood Park, Canada
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