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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
786Marshmallow Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
MinakoSarahArlington, U.S.
Ashleyyoonermansfield, United States
Ashleyidontknowmansfield, usa
AshleyNAmansfield, usa
AshleyEFFEmansfield, usa
Ashleyshort guymansfield, usa
AshleyNAmansfield, usa
Dan ZenMargiePleasantville, USA
Dan ZenMargaretPleasantville, USA
Dan ZenBabsPleasantville, USA
Dan ZenScyllaBerkeley, USA
TerriChrisSt. John's, Canada
TerriEvanSt. John's, Canada
TerriAmySt. John's, Canada
TerriMark FSt. John's, Canada
TerriMartinSt. John's, Canada
TerriTim CSt. John's, Canada
TerriLauraSt. John's, Canada
TerriNicoleSt. John's, Canada
TerriChickitaTimbukTwo, East Asia
AndySaiedCalifornia, United States
AndyHeather..., United States
AndyHeatherr..., United States
AndyLiz..., United States
AmberLizzyD.D.O., Canada
RandyGretchenUnknown, United States
RandyMr.KnightmareUknown, Untold
RandyJulieUnknown, Untold
RandyShy GuyUnknown, Untold
RandyJ.M.Unknown, Untold
RandyHomerUnknown, Untold
RandyIsaacUnknown, Untold
RandyBillybobUknown, Untold
RandyJackUnknown, Untold
BlackCypressQ 2Secret Location, Classified
SarahHinertiaTopsail, Canada
Dan Zenlala snarfaloha, canada
Dan ZenTimothy CookWoodinville, WA, USA
Dan ZenGayleBH, United States
GayleGwenBH, United States
GayleAnnBH, United States
GayleJustineBH, United States
AndrewKarenCoquitlam, Canada
AndrewAdamCoquitlam, Canada
AndrewRaymondcoquitlam, Canada
AndrewMaraPeachland, Canada
AndrewBrandiPeachland, Canada
AndrewJaneCoquitlam, Canada
AndrewRobCoquitlam, Canada
AndrewArashCoquitlam, Canada
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