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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
786Marshmallow Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
BlackCypressThornSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressCharitySecret Location, United States
BlackCypressBrianRussleville, United States
BlackCypressCarlosSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressKevinSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressChrisSecret Location, Classified
BlackCypressChrisBurlington, Canada
BlackCypressBrianSecret Location, Classified
BlackCypressTeresaToronto, Canada
BlackCypressShellySecret Location, United States
BlackCypressArturoSecret Location, Mexico
BlackCypressSageSecret Locstion, Canada
BlackCypressHarrisonSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressAdamAustin, United States
BlackCypressStephanBaltimore, United States
BlackCypressTroySecret Locatin, Classified
RhiannonLeeCastro Valley, USA
RhiannonJennieSecret Location, USA
RhiannonChrisSecret Location, USA
RhiannonLeslieSecret Location, USA
RhiannonSarahSecret Location, USA
RhiannonSamSecret Location, USA
RhiannonKittySecret Location, USA
RhiannonTrixieSecret Location, USA
BlackCypressAndrewSecret Location, United States
BlackCypress'Lara'Secret Location, Brazil
BlackCypressFrankHamburg, Germany
BlackCypressAnthSecret Location, Classified
BlackCypressViperT.O., Canada
BlackCypressJamesSecret Location, United Kingdom
BlackCypressAndrewSecret Location, Canada
BlackCypressGregOxford, United Kingdom
BlackCypressRyanSecret Location, Florida
BlackCypressGavinSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressBarbSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressRaymondSecret Location, Canada
BlackCypressJonSecret Location, Classified
BlackCypressChristianSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressGeorgeOrlando, United States
BlackCypressRomanChicago, United States
BlackCypressSteveSt. Lious, United States
BlackCypressChrisSt. Charles, United States
BlackCypressAlbertSecret Location, Australia
BlackCypressSimonSecret Location, Classified
BlackCypressRonSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressJeffSecret Location, Canada
BlackCypressFilipSecret Location, Sweden
BlackCypressCalvinSecret Location, Classified
BlackCypressGrizwaldSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressKeirSecret Location, Classified
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