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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
786Marshmallow Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
Dan ZenhooknlaceSouth San Francisco, USA
Dan ZenBlackCypressSan Leandro, United States
BlackCypressEllorySecret Location, United States
BlackCypressRhiannonCastro Valley, United States
BlackCypressCarmenPrinceton, United States
Dan ZenAurora LockwoodMontreal, Canada
BlackCypressAmyVancouver, Canada
BlackCypressAndySecret Location, United States
Aurora LockwoodNateOshkosh, U.S.A
BlackCypressDamonSecret Location, United States
Aurora LockwoodDonaldMontreal, Canada
BlackCypressKierSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressEcharteaColumbus, United States
Aurora LockwoodMezenIrvine, California
BlackCypressJamesSecret Location, United States
BlackCypressMarkSecret Location, United States
AmyLaTraviataSecret Location, U.S.
BlackCypressTerriSecret Location, Canada
Dan ZenRamothWaterville, US
BlackCypressWillPlant City, United States
Dan ZenCarolLayton, USA
Aurora LockwoodLaurelVancouver, Canada
BlackCypressPaulSecret Location, Canada
Dan ZenTyler KempCoeur D`Alene, USA
Aurora LockwoodAphieSomewhere, Australia
BlackCypressBuckElderslie, Australia
Aurora LockwoodJohnMaine, U.S.A
BlackCypressStevenSecret Glittery Location, United States
TerriSmelSecret Location, Canada
TerriNichelleSecret Location, Canada
TerriThe Old TerriSecret Location, Canada
Dan ZenLeslieAnnandale, USA
TerriKeithlySecret Location, Canada
LeslieKaraWashington, USA
LeslieK to the TKent, USA
TerriMark #2Secret Location, Wales
LeslieJennyAnnandale, USA
LeslieJenniferFairfax, USA
BlackCypressAdamSecret Location, United States
LeslieErinFairfax, USA
BlackCypressDanielHayward, United States
LeslieDanielAnnandale, USA
TerriMeggsSecret Location, Canada
LeslieAnnaAnnandale, USA
Aurora LockwoodVickyMontreal, Canada
BlackCypressDaintySecret Location, Classified
LeslieChrisAnnandale, USA
Aurora LockwoodLindsayMontreal, Canada
BlackCypressEricSecret Location, United States
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