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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
81Karate Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
Dan ZenStuartbournemouth, UK
StuartJimhythe, UK
Dan ZenCaroline von SchmalenseeEdinburgh, Scotland
Caroline von SchmalenseeMissyEdinburgh, Scotland
Caroline von SchmalenseeCelesStockholm, Sweden
Caroline von SchmalenseeFiEdinburgh, Scotland
Caroline von SchmalenseePrisEdinburgh, Scotland
Dan Zenatlasnsw, australia
JimMarikaElst, Holland
JimLuAsh, UK
LuScrubber mattBrighton, UK
LuIckle MargeMargate, UK
LuNellie SmickersAshford, UK
LuNathanDeal, UK
Dan ZenDougAcworth, USA
Caroline von SchmalenseeHamishLondon, England
Dan ZenJenniAcworth, USA
Dan ZenRick Bowersstow, United states
Dan ZenJason thomasAtlanta, usa
Dan ZenMary San Diego, USA
Mary JillianLas Vegas, USA
Dan ZenGary BeckstedtDacula, USA
Dan ZenDan GauvreauDundas, Canada
Dan GauvreauCarrie McKayDundas, Canada
Dan GauvreauHeather CatonSome Hick Town, Canada
Dan GauvreauJason AdamsHamilton, Canada
Dan GauvreauNatalie MarksDundas, Canada
Dan GauvreauRachel GuttmanCalgary, Canada
Dan GauvreauTanya RademakerHamilton, Canada
Dan GauvreauSuzanne EllisToronto, Canada
Dan GauvreauAnjay KuarsinghDundas, Canada
Dan GauvreauTara HamiltonHamilton, Canada
Dan GauvreauDoug RussellHamilton, Canada
Dan GauvreauKatie CozensDundas, Canada
Dan GauvreauMike DukeSome Hick Town, Canada
Dan GauvreauAlexis SDundas, Canada
Anjay KuarsinghRiquoMississauga, Canada
Anjay KuarsinghPardeepDundas, Canada
Anjay KuarsinghWendyLa Romain, Trinidad
Anjay KuarsinghAndrewDundas, Canada
Anjay KuarsinghJoyannPrincess Town, Trinidad
Anjay KuarsinghIanDundas, Canada
Anjay KuarsinghDanDundas, Canada
Dan Zennoah arevaloberea, kentucky, USA
Rachel GuttmanJennCalgary, Canada
Carrie McKayJennifer McKayCalgary, Canada
Carrie McKayCarolyn HCalgary, Canada
Carrie McKayCrystal TiteCalgary, Canada
Carrie McKayEmily LukCalgary, Canada
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