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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
264Hippie Skies Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
Cluug MoinsCarlton FiskUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsTali TalUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsGala KUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsLola LoveUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsSuper BubbleUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsMagnet EyeUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsSunnifer SilverUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsMistress Meggie MagnificentUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsMillie JadeUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsMeghan JohnsonUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsImanon ObliteratiUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsMia TortugaUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsSchmo Hippety JoeUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsPuzzy ButtUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsBon KroonerUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsChristine JerryUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsQueen ThaliaUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsPartyon DudeUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsBlossom BluebellUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsDrewsus Mad CatUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsJay SilverUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsBoss GrooveUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsBlue AngelUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsChris AndersenUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsPo CatalystUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsRosebud MchenryUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsKarmic BruisingUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsDrey InfinityUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsRage EsquireUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsDani RiggsUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsMags Loal JnrUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsRickless SandvigUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsRobin GoodfellowUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsStan The ManUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsFlower LoveUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsMiyre DragonUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsLovely SexfiendUtopia, Earth
Cluug MoinsLiberty MerrillUtopia, Earth
Dani RiggsJakeLondon, England
Dani RiggsJayNew York, Usa
Dani RiggsSilent BobNew Jersey, Usa
Dani RiggsLizColchester, England
Dani RiggsSarahColchester, England
Dani RiggsRuthColchester, England
Dani RiggsAlisonCambridge, England
Dani RiggsDonnaSouthend, England
Dani RiggsLizColchester, England
Robin GoodfellowEmma Ricecopenhagen, Denmark
Robin Goodfellow@}-`-,---Martha's Vineyard, USA
Robin GoodfellowKiki"the boondocks" near Denver, USA
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