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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
382Gondola of Grouches Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
MelodyJennyHarvard, USA
MelodyRobertNotaplace, USA
MelodySamanthaDoesntexist, USA
MelodyCarrieFarawayfromhere, USA
MelodyJaneJanedoestown, USA
MelodyJohnJohndoestown, USA
MelodyOscarSesame, Street
MelodyOscar IIthe garbage, can
MelodyJeffJaffland, USA
MelodyKenKenstown, USA
MelodyKrynnNorth Pole, USA
MelodySallybugNoPo, USA
MelodyLarrythatoneplace, USA
MelodyBarryBerryberrytown, USA
MelodyKevinKevinsville, USA
MelodyKevinKensville, USA
MelodyCarmenSan Diego, USA
MelodyPetePeteland, CA
MelodyPeterPeterville, USA
MelodyBrandybrandyland, CA
MelodyBrandonbrandonstown, USA
MelodyJessicaNoplaceatall, CA
MelodyJasonsomeplace, USA
MelodyKarlKarlsburg, USA
MelodyCarlCarlstowne, USA
MelodyKarlasomewhere over there, USa
MelodyKatieCO , USA
MelodyKateSomewhere, USA
MelodyGraceGracington, USA
MelodyMelissaMellisaville, USA
MelodyBobbyBobstowne, USA
MelodyCharliePeanuts, USA
MelodyLucyLucylooland, USA
MelodyJoshuaJericho, Isreal
MelodySandySandysplace, USA
MelodyStacyStacyliveshere, USA
MelodyDanDanzville, USA
MelodydanzenDanzen, USA
MelodyMyThirdMeNoPo, USA
MelodyKatieSomeplace, USA
MelodyBobbiNothere, USA
MelodyKathleenSothereorthere, USA
MelodyMeghanSomplae, USA
MelodySusieSusieville, USA
MelodyTinaoverthere, USA
MelodyCherylThatoneplace, USA
MelodyCoadyoverthere, USA
MelodyBrandonsomewhere, USA
MelodyZanewherever, USA
MelodyJohnjohnstown, USA
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