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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
84Bombay Blimp Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
Dan Zendanlafayette, us
Dan ZenShades MurphyHamilton, ON, Canada
Shades MurphyCharlie G.Toronto, ON, Canada
Shades MurphyRichard F.Toronto, Canada
Shades MurphyChris E.Toronto, Canada
Shades MurphyFrancine D.Toronto, Canada
Shades MurphyMarina J.Toronto, Canada
Shades MurphySiohban R.Toronto, Canada
Shades MurphyAdrian H.Hamilton, Canada
Shades MurphyLes P.Winnipeg, Canada
Shades MurphyJonathon GToronto, Canada
Shades MurphyTom A.Toronto, Canada
Shades MurphyHeather S.Toronto, Canada
Adrian H.Paul W.Toronto, Canada
Adrian H.Mary V.Toronto, Canada
Adrian H.Stew B.Toronto, Canada
Adrian H.Chris W.Space, Universe
Chris W.Muriel WattieToronto, Canada
Chris W.Gord MitchellOrangeville, Canada
Chris W.Paul KellyRichmond Hill, Canada
Chris W.Andrew FlynnToronto, Canada
Chris W.Michelle MacAfeeMontreal, Canada
Chris W.Christophe WattieToronto, Canada
Adrian H.Paul R.Waukeegan, Ill, USA
Adrian H.Kate J.Toronto, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Whipper LaMoreShanghai, China
Adrian H.Barb B.Hamilton, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Dan N.Hamilton, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Dan B.Toronto, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Murray W.Toronto, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Dave H.Banff, Canada
Adrian H.Julie S.Toronto, Canada
Adrian H.Josh B.Hamilton, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Duncan M.Dundas, On, Canada
Adrian H.Gloria G.Burlington, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Dave A.Oakville, Canada
Adrian H.Anne-Marie O.Waterdown, On., Canada
Adrian H.Sarah GalashanVancouver, BC, Canada
Adrian H.James CudmoreEdmonton, AL, Canada
Adrian H.Malcolm KellyToronto, Canada
Adrian H.Scott HumphreyUnknown, Unknown
Adrian H.Denise D.Hamilton, ON, Canada
Adrian H.MorphFreaksville, Xanadu
Adrian H.GenesisPleasantville, Malarky
Adrian H.Mat McCarthyKitchener, ON, Canada
Adrian H.Scott GardnerHamilton, ON, Canada
Shades MurphyLee the GumshoeToronto, Canada
Shades MurphyWisterWashington, DC, USA
Shades MurphyDon MillsNorth York, Canada
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