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Blimp Race III 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
759Binary Blimp Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
Clandestine ChowJamie ClarkZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowPedroZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowJasonZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowDaveZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowLast99207Zion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowMassochiniZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowEladaZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowYiannis AsimakopopulZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowBossg80Zion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowJesse MiddletonZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowMicheyaZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowMZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowClayton CarlickZion, the Real World
Clandestine ChowEfrén RamírezZion, the Real World
a believerGayleneAshvegas, NZ
LazyirshmanAshmanBedford, England
LazyirshmanDiceKettering, England
Grape ShotKevin PhantomVirtual, Reality
Grape ShotJohnnyVirtual, Reality
Grape ShotKasyVirtual, Reality
Grape ShotSilverDragonVirtual , Reality
Grape ShotImpVirtual, Reality
Grape ShotWasserVirtual, Reality
Grape ShotAnnaVirtual, Reality
Grape ShotEldradVirtual , Reality
Grape ShotIvoryVirtual, Reality
Grape ShotRoseVirtual , Reality
Grape ShotGarrisVirtual, Reality
Clandestine ChowJason Zumwaltborderless, world
Clandestine ChowCrash Overrideborderless, world
Clandestine ChowSoulborderless, world
Clandestine ChowJackborderless, world
Clandestine ChowFariborderless, world
Clandestine ChowJoshborderless, world
Clandestine ChowJennborderless, world
Clandestine ChowAishaborderless, world
Clandestine ChowDanielborderless, world
Clandestine ChowMirageborderless, world
Clandestine ChowDoserborderless, world
Clandestine ChowLuisborderless, world
Clandestine ChowJavierborderless, world
Clandestine ChowTedborderless, world
Clandestine ChowJosefborderless, world
Clandestine ChowSimon Schlindweinborderless, world
Clandestine ChowJoshborderless, world
Clandestine ChowMeghanborderless, world
Clandestine ChowDonnaborderless, world
Clandestine ChowTrinity87borderless, world
Clandestine ChowJ. Maurerborderless, world
Clandestine ChowJason Audborderless, world
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