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Blimp Race III

Blimp Race III is Over!

Thank you all for playing. Please check the Results for the winners. You can no longer pick up Friends or Enter the race.

Racers will receive their prizes through e-mail. Please enjoy the many other Dan Zen games.

Welcome to Blimp Race III around the world. The race lasts for the month of May. If you have not been picked up in a friend's Blimp then you can Enter any Blimp you like.
You are winning the race if you are in the Blimp with the most people according to the Results. Select Inside to talk about the exciting things you see with all the people in your Blimp or shout dastardly curses at other Blimps.
Pick up as many Friends as you want at any time. You may as well get them all so your Blimp wins! Please visit our Clouds - why don't you try a new e-mail extension or get your friends to switch to yours.

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