Blimp Race II

Wooooooooyle!!!! Everyone loves an old-fashioned Blimp race! Strap on your racing goggles, feel the wind at your face and touch the clouds as they dash by!

Yes, El Woyl, that's all very fine but this is the help page. And besides, you can relax and enjoy yourselves in this race. It's not speed that counts but how many friends you collect and how much fun you have in the Blimps. Eg Orna, why don't you go over the rules...

I'm sorry Eg Ner, I can't explain now, I'm busy. No one has invited me into their Blimp so I've entered The Ark. I am dreadfully upset that we barnacles were never mentioned in Noah's adventures. I just clicked the Enter link on the blimp picture and filled in my information - Now I'm in the Ark at last!

I am inviting my all my friends to join my Blimp by clicking on Friends then putting my e-mail first - just how I submitted it when entering. Then I put my friend's name and their full e-mail address and where they come from. This will send an invitation to them telling them that they have been picked up in my blimp by me!

When they come to the Blimp Race, they do not need to Enter because I've already done that for them. My friends can invite their friends by clicking on the Friends link and entering in their e-mail just how it appeared on their invitation. Then we can all talk together in the Blimp by selecting Inside!

I like fying over other Blimps and dropping goop on them! But what I like even more is when people in other Blimps drop gloop on me! These Blimps are so much fun and luxurious too! They have great kitchens with all sorts of garbage storage units. I'm sure you will find a Blimp that suits you and in the end we'll find out from the Results which Blimp will be the most popular and win the race! Have a grape time!