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A set of few gadgets such as Money Making Machines, Rolling Robots, Chewing Powered Strobe Goggles, etc. Many gadgets are out there in the world and not chronacled here.
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A few bead projects - some from cut up garden hose like the World's Longest Eel showing in James St. N. Hamilton.
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A Chess Set designed and built by Dan Zen. Wood from Exotic Woods - Mahogany and Maple. Many wonderful chess games have been played with this set.
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A few of the local art pieces such as the Dragon in the Hedge and Movember Moustaches.
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A set of neclaces made for RoseAnne one Christmas. Some of them are modeled here by daughter and cousin.
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Along the lines of the Cyber Stones this series further explores the potential future relation between the digital and analogue world. Created in two evenings using bark and digital parts. In most cases the piece is all constructed from one type of device like a keyboard or a scanner or a receiver.
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Trouble with tub tiles - shells seemed a solution. They sparkle when they get wet and colors become richer. Also there is a recent piano song and a shell depiction.
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A second set of stylistic tree houses constructed on walking sticks collected in the beautiful hills of Dundas and comprising primarily sea shells. The works were done over two days.
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The information stone-age is here! What do we owe these overly shy shales - the bedrocks, foundations, solid and unmoving - a symbol of stability in this constantly changing world of technology. Ten sculptures in three hours while "cleaning the workshop".
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For a medallion party, Dan Zen created a number of medallions to go around glasses for the guests. These were built in a six hour period from various workshop materials such as washers, buttons, marbles, beads, plastics, fabrics, watch parts, stones from beneath the Leaning Tower of Piza etc.
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Dan Zen has collected a number of walking sticks on nature walks past waterfalls and woods. Stylistic habitats have been constructed on the top of the walking sticks and provided with bead, chain or rope ladders. The works were done over two days.
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